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A new wonderful book called Bam

2/25/04 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

A new book called Bam was published in Iran last week. The book is the work of Iran's very good and hard working photographer and photojournalist Mr. Jasem Ghazbanpour.

I have enclosed the front cover and a few of the pictures that appear in the book. The aerial photography of Bam by Ghazbanpour is simply great. There are many full double page pictures of Bam in the book; and half way in the book, starting with two black pages, we see the pictures of the first couple of days after the devastating earthquake in December 2003.

This book certainly reminds us of the wonders of what Bam was. But more important than that, it can perhaps entice the people of Bam to get back on their feet again soon and to restore some of that lost glory to the beautiful city of Bam.

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