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A Dream Weekend (a beautiful and true story)


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran


In the past few weeks life had generally been on the heavy side. Bam earthquake and tragedy has made us all feel so lost and helpless when so much needs to be done. Somehow our lives were dimmer and the usual sun was not as warm as it used to be.


Last weekend, in order to recuperate and retrieve some physical and emotional strength and energy, we set off to the Caspian area and drove through Chalous road and stayed for a couple of days outside our hectic and meaninglessly meaningful lives in Tehran.



The weather forecast was very bad and we were expecting snow and cold, but still we took up the challenge and after making sure that we had chains for the snowy road, should the need arise, we set off last Wednesday, not too early fearing there may be ice on the road.


As we were driving, we kept waiting for the dark clouds to appear and give us hell; we drove on and nothing happened. The day was bright and sun was shining. There were a few small white clouds here and there. This was the same not only throughout our lovely drive, but also throughout the whole of the weekend. We were so lucky. It was a dream trip. I had not had such a pleasant time for the past 25 years. So peaceful, so tranquil and lovely that I want to share some parts of it with you.



As we passed the Karaj Dam, I was delighted to see it so full with pale blue water. We stopped the car, got out, just stood by and watched the sunrays play twinkling light tricks on the water surface. It was so serene and calm, almost the edge of delight. We were there for such a long time motionless and at peace, as few other cars passed us by once in a while; the road was not busy at all.  Eventually, we took off and went through the Kandovan tunnel, which has been opened since last year, to the delight of the motorists. For the past few years, Kandovan tunnel had been under reconstruction with help from Sharif university team that helped its renovation design and oversaw its construction (you didn't know that, did you!). 


We still expected the weather to change after we passed the tunnel, but we were in luck and the good weather stayed with us.  We then arrived at resturaneh aabie or the Blue restaurant. This is a lovely and cozy café on the road to Chalous, just before you get to Siabish-e. We always stop there on our way, simply because it is a friendly place, clean, with good and cordial staff and their prices are not sky high. I have taken some lovely pictures from there that I share with you here.  As they say, a picture can speak a thousand words.  We usually sit on the balcony outside; but this time my friend was a little cold and so we ventured inside, and a nice and lovely fire welcomed and greeted us both. We had our tea, and after half an hour we set off on the road again.



Another hour or so, about five kilometers before we got to Chalous, we decided to stop by in a public park next to the river and have a picnic lunch. The park is called Chilindar Park-e Jangalli.  There was no body there the whole time, except us. We easily could hear the river flow. The sun, the air the unbearable wonderful tranquility, and the peaceful mist was much more than anything that you could possibly imagine in your postmodern dream, or the 21st century reality could bear.



Being a little on the mad side of life, I was so touched and moved by it all that I could not help the tears coming down  my eyes with a strange mixture of joy, pleasure and pain. Why pain you may ask in surprise. Yes, because, we deprive ourselves so much from all this with our city life and 'successes/rewards' that it brings.  I have a few pictures for you to share this wonderful gentle loveliness of nature despite all this cold around us.


We set off eventually, and got to our friend's villa near Namak Aberoud and carried on this wonderful dream by enjoying the great local homemade cuisine as well as the heated open-air swimming pool and the Jacuzzi. Under the stars, surrounded by the rays of sunset we calmed our souls and warmed up our hearts while listening to Stan Getz Jazz or Golhaye-Rangarang*  with Elaheh's** mesmerizing voice.


All that is left for me to say is that jayeh shoma khayli khalli boud (we missed you!). It was truly like a dream.



* Golhaye-Rangarang was a music program on Radio Iran that was most popular and was famous for its quality of good music and great poetry.

** Ms. Elaheh is to this day one of my favorite singers of all times. She now lives in London, so I am told.


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