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The Trial of Saddam

By Kam Zarrabi,

Saddam Hussein is finally formally charged for war crimes and his crimes against humanity. Well, about time!

Among other charges against the former dictator, using chemical weapons against 'his own people' and the invasion of Kuwait loom as his biggest offenses. So far, so good!

But, hundreds of times more people were killed or maimed when he attacked Iran in 1980, in a war that lasted eight years. It was during that violation of international law that his military used those chemical weapons against the Iranians, and against the Kurdish border village of Halabjeh for its alleged complicity with the Iranian forces.

Why is it that no mention of Saddam's by far greatest crime against humanity, his invasion of Iran, is made in the list of charges brought against the dictator by the Iraqi tribunal?

Saddam's invasion of Iran caused orders of magnitude more damage to 'humanity' than any or all his other crimes combined. Yet, we hear no mention of that aggression outside cries of outrage by the Iranian government, which intends to file formal charges against Mr. Hussein.

Could it be that Saddam's invasion of Kuwait did not have the approval of the global guardians, even though it was said at the time that Saddam had misinterpreted American Ambassador's remarks to that effect? Doesn't it follow, then, that his war against Iran did have the support of the same global guardians who are now charging Saddam with various crimes against humanity?

I suppose the 'humanity' that the Iraqi (isn't that a joke!) tribunal is concerned with at this time does not consider the populations of non-compliant countries as 'humanity' - the Kuwaitis were humans but the Iranians obviously were not!

When Saddam's armies used the chemical weapons against the Iraqi Kurds they committed a crime, but when thousands more Iranian troops were gassed at the same time, it apparently was not a crime - it was simply a pest-control measure!

It would be interesting to hear Mr. Hussein rise up to his own defense should he be charged with crimes against his neighbor, Iran. The photograph of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam at his palace in 1983, right about the time that the Iraqi army was using poison gas against 'his own people' and his neighbor, tells all.

Is this, perhaps, why the invasion of Iran was not listed among Saddam's crimes? Wouldn't such charges bring more than the Iraqi tyrant to face justice? Do the global guardians really want that?

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