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The Legacy of Ronald Reagan - The Other Side of the Coin

By Behnam Ashjari

During the last month, we witnessed an extravagant funeral ceremony for Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States. He was eulogized [mostly by Republican politicians] as one of the greatest presidents of the United States. They have named a major Washington, D.C. airport, a major California freeway, a tall building, and there is a talk of naming a university after him. They have even suggested to rename the Pentagon, Ronald Reagan Defense Building. Alas, it has also been suggested to add his face carved in Mount Rushmore along with the four other great U.S. presidents. Let us see whether Mr. Reagan's achievements justifies this attitude of gratitude and generosity with our tax dollars.

President Reagan's "contribution" to the fall of the Soviet Communism:
The fall of the Soviet Communism has been cited as President Reagan's most important political achievement. Communism fell because it was not a practical system, both economically and philosophically. And this coincided with Reagan's presidency. Many factors were catalysts in the weakening of the Soviet Union. Among them, the Cuban missile crisis, the quagmire in Afghanistan, Iran's Islamic Revolution bolstering the Soviet repressed Muslim republics, discriminations of the Soviet Western population over its Eastern population and monopolization of power by the Russians over non-Russians, lack of freedom of expression, oppression by their secret police, legacy of fear, Stalinism and the gulags. Added to the above, the military and political containment of the Warsaw Alliance and the Soviets by NATO, the U.S. and the West, catalyzed the inevitable downfall of the Soviet Communism.

The downfall would happen anyway regardless of who slept in the White House. As a Democrat politician once said: "For Reagan to get credit for the demise of the Soviet Communism is like the rooster to get credit for the sunrise!"

Reagan's other "accomplishments":
President Reagan sent Donald Rumsfeld to Baghdad to meet with Saddam to arrange provisions of the U.S. know-how, raw material and advisors for chemical and biological weapons development to be used against Iranians during the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88. Official Iranian reports of the Iranian casualties of the war has been up to a million including tens of thousands of MIAs and victims of chemical weapons - a fact that the U.S. mass media has been under-reporting from day one. The numerous mass graves found after Saddam's fall were most likely mostly those of Iranian POWs and MIAs murdered routinely by Saddam's Baathist army.

When the Iranians repelled Saddam's aggression and chased him into his bunker, President Reagan realized that Saddam would not survive with the U.S. "passive" support, so he dispatched th e U.S. fleet to Persian Gulf to "actively" help Saddam.

In one of those operations, the U.S. missiles launched from the Naval Carrier Vincennes shot down an Iranian passenger airliner over the Persian Gulf and killed 300 innocent civilians including several entire families of parents and children whose only fault was being on vacation trip in their home backyard, taking a break from the daily bombings and sirens. Reagan kept prolonging the war by helping both Iraq and Iran in different diabolical ways, so that in the words of Henry Kissinger about this war: "one would hope that both sides lose the war", and in the gleeful announcement of Casper Weinberger, Reagan's Secretary of Defense: "The Iranian standard of life has gone down to several degrees below zero!"

President Reagan's support of Saddam during that terrible war was instrumental in prolonging the brutal regime of this anthropophagus like character, so much so that Saddam misread the U.S. intentions, and after failing in his military campaigns in Iran, he later assumed that he could repeat the same behavior by invading Kuwait.

Under President Reagan's watch, illegal sales of weapons were made to war-torn Iran at much higher than market, and their off-the-books profits were, illegally and without the Congressional knowledge, used to support insurgencies in Latin America.

Among Mr. Reagan's "cultural achievements":
When Governor of California, Governor Reagan had evidently dispatched the California National Guards to the UC Berkeley Campus to intimidate the students and contain their Vietnam anti-war demonstrations. Reagan had once purportedly said that there was no place on earth he hated more than the University of California at Berkeley!

The legacy of Ronald Reagan is one of a Machiavellian right winger. He had blood on his hands! The reason why he came down with Alzheimer, I suspect, was because he had done things that his conscious was too guilty to want to remember!

Behnam Ashjari obtained a B.S. with Honors from Purdue University, and M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Southern California all in Electrical Engineering. He is published in the fields of data & information engineering, and pattern recognition. In his past responsibilities, he was the Group Manager of Data Warehousing at PepsiCo & Pepsi Bottling Group, and the Director of IT Application Development at MetLife. He is currently the CTO of HI-TECH Consulting, Inc. Dr. Ashjari is a Senior Member of IEEE. More can be read about him at

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