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Iran approves production of Renault L-90

7/25/04 Tehran, July 25, IRNA -- Minister of Industries and Mines Es'haq Jahangiri in a meeting with the Managing Director of Renault-Nissan Alliance in Tehran on Sunday referred to the decisive impact of production of a new Renault model known as L-90 on Iran-France economic relations and announced the country's full support for such a project.

photo: ISNA

A report released by the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Industries and Mines said that he underlined implementing the project exactly on schedule and export of vehicles according to the related contract.

"In addition to production of L-90, we expect Renault to pay attention to other issues as well," he added.

The minister called for cooperation between the research departments of the French Renault and Iran Khodro as well as Saipa.

"We need the expertise of the French Renault Company in designing the automobile body," he added.

photo: ISNA

For his part, the chairman of the French Renault-Nissan Alliance, Louis Schweitzer, expressed satisfaction with the production of Renault in Iran and said that the project is not a mere license for production of automobiles.

"It is rather a joint undertaking for full transfer of technology to the Iranian partner.

"If it is implemented on schedule, Iran will become the second producer of Renault after France," he added.

Schweitzer further referred to the talks held with Iranian auto parts producers and said despite having confidence in the quality of the produced parts, they should further be optimized to be competitive to European standards.

Turning to the export of L-90, he said, "Our final objective is to turn Iran into a hub for the export of Renault L-90. This has been pointed out in the mutually signed agreements and will be beneficial to both sides."

Iran Khodro auto manufacturing group and the French Renault Company have formed a new car manufacturing company to produce light passenger vehicles in Iran.

The joint venture, called Renault-Pars, officially started work Saturday evening in a ceremony held on the occasion.

Under the terms of the agreement, 51 percent of the company's shares is owned by the French company Renault-Nissan Alliance and Iran Khodro owns the rest.

Renault-Pars, due to operate under Renault license, will start producing inexpensive passenger cars brandnamed 'Logan` in 2006.

Logans are Type B of the L-90 series of Renault automobiles that operate on 1.6-liter engines, 16 valves and 107 horsepower.

Renault-Pars was formed after three years of continuous negotiations between Iran Khodro and the French Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Schweitzer said Renault-Pars was formed to help coordinate the production and distribution of L-90 cars in Iran.

The company starts with an annual output of 150,000 units and a capital of 300 millions euros. It is expected to gradually increase production up to 500,000 units in the coming years.

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