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Awareness of Death as the complement of Life

Positive Thinking in Relation to Impending Life- Threatening Threats (such as Earthquake, War, Imprisonment, Volcanic Eruption, Terrorism and in one word Death)

By Roya Monajem, Tehran


After having experienced near to death drowning (several times) in sea, noticing the panic on the face of my parents at the event of the tragic Earthquake of Buin Zahra yet simultaneously feeling it as the first personal serious experience of "Vow, the earth is really trembling! How strange!" And then going through the apprehensive days of bombardment of Tehran by Iraqi missiles and planes for several years, experiencing war as an ordinary citizen stunned and then the constant suppressed anguish and fear of 'the consequences of being a rebel' (in every sense of the word in an autocratic ruling system)...


And then just recently witnessing the Tragedy of Bam's Earthquake and now listening to the experience of the serious earthquake in the north of Iran which shook Tehran too (on last Friday) from friends and family and breathing the air of panic over the city:


I tell myself:


Vow, didn't I claim that we are a bunch of people on whom enlightenment is enforced?


In spiritualism one is advised to feel death like a shadow on one's right or left shoulder (I don't remember which one it is).


Could we do otherwise in this country?


So let's examine the probable consequences of this continuous feeling of the shadow of death hovering over our heads in the language of Positive Thinking. And here we are all the same no matter whether the shadow of death is that of war or earthquake or life imprisonment or mortal disease or terrorism or...


1- In facing life threatening phenomena one starts looking back at one's life (those who have had near to death experiences say the same thing in their own words).
[Believe it or not, apparently another earthquake occurred just now. The whole building started to shake. But who cares, one of the characteristics of 'enlightened' beings even when enlightenment is enforced on them is fearlessness!! So let's continue our 'discussion.']

As the result of this self-examination:


2- One discovers one's unfinished businesses in life. And depending on how deep we are affected by the hovering shadow of death one decides to start finishing them as soon as possible. The unfinished businesses for the majority of us are:

i- The things we always wanted to say and tell others and we kept postponing.

ii- The things we always wanted to do and we kept postponing.

3- As under such situations - i.e. hovering of the ghost of death in the air one breathes - one can not take things as seriously as when life seems a never ending process,  therefore:

i- One starts to take things easier on one-self and others.

ii- One finds it easier to forgive oneself and others at least on the basis of this simple fact that there is no limit to human ignorance and stupidity. And one feels that this is really one of the rare cases of absolutes, as absolute as the fact that everything in the universe is in a continuous state of change and transformation.


4- As the result of (2) that is finishing one's unfinished businesses, a vast empty inner space is created that makes one to feel as free as a bird who has just escaped a cage.


5- As the result of (3) that is forgiveness, one's capacity for unconditional love and compassion both toward oneself and others expands.


6- As the result of (4) and (5), the experience of liberation and compassion, one is filled with the wonderful feeling of peace and unity with the whole humanity, the world, the universe, the existence.


7- As the result of (6), one feels that the only meaningful way of living in such a crazy world is to spread a wave of joy and love, no matter how insignificant it may be quantity-wise. Surely when these little insignificant waves spread in the air and join each other, they can create a loving halo embracing our beautiful planet who is in the most dangerous stage of her existence as her only 'rational species' - the ever ignorant Homo Sapiens  - are proving to be her most irrational, selfish, narcissistic creation.

... Payvand News - 6/2/04 ... --

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