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Film: Alexander is coming

6/10/04 By Darius Kadivar

The success of Ridley Scott's Epic "Gladiator" and Wolfgang Petersons recently released "Troy" seems to have triggered a series of initiatives in Hollywood circles to put Swords and Sandals films at the top of the Box Office entries for the next two years. The latest of such films is an Egyptian, Greek and British co-production entitled "Young Alexander" directed by Lebanese director Jalal Mehri.

Now Filming in Greece and Egypt

The Story tells the coming of age of young Alexander ( Sam Heughan), future world conqueror, from his boyhood in Greece to his assumption of Regent of the Land, after proving his worth to his father, the demanding King Phillip.

See Festival de Cannes Only-Promotional Trailer

However, the film market and film fans worldwide are also keeping an eye on Oliver Stone's (Wall Street, Platoon) Alexander starring Irish actor Colin Farrel in the title role.

The film has been facing tremendous difficulties while shooting in Morocco and Thailand. Rumors claim that important footage of the film's battle scenes were destroyed accidentally during its transport to the post production unit. Oliver Stones movie is seen as the most expensive and ambitious project about the historical conqueror. Unlike the previous film, it will tell the story of Alexander with the conquest of the Persian Empire, and Darius The Third will be cast by Israeli star Raz Degan. Portions of Darius' Palace have been entirely constructed in Pinewood Studios in London. The sets are magnificent with details about the famous columns and brick walls of Persepolis.

So Keep tuned for further news and pictures on the Alexander projects.

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