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Iran Quake Relief Committee-Chicago to hold fundraising for Bam on March 14


The Iran Quake Relief Committee-Chicago, is organizing a fund raising event to be held on Sunday, March 14, 2004, 5:00 pm at Unity Church on the North Shore, 3434 Central Street, in Evanston.

The purpose of this fund raiser is to help the earthquake survivors in the city of Bam. This event will include eyewitness reports, photos and videos from Bam, a cultural program consisting of Persian poetry, art, music, songs and folk dances performed by local performers and artists, as well as Persian food.  

As you are aware, more than 43,000 people died in this earthquake, tens of thousands were injured and an estimated 100,000 people are homeless. 80% of the city of Bam and  90% of the historic Citadel was destroyed. All schools, hospitals and medical centers were completely destroyed or severely damaged. The help reaching the truly in need, has been  greatly mismanaged and mostly for short term needs. 

The proceeds of this fund raiser will be used in a direct "people to people" project to build and equip a health care facility in Bam or a surrounding village, wherever the need is greatest. The extent of the project will naturally depend on the amount of funds collected. Donations in any amount are welcomed.  

The Iran Quake Relief Committee in Chicago is a group of concerned individuals in the Chicago area whose aim is to build a health care facility to attend to the medical needs of the survivors. The committee is in contact with other like-minded groups in the U.S. and hope to cooperate with them in this endeavor. The committee will be working with doctors and health care providers in Iran who have also committed to this project.

If you cannot attend but wish to help in this effort, you can contribute on-line by credit card at Or you can make your contribution payable to the Iran Quake Relief Fund, and mail it to:  

Iran Quake Relief Committee
P. O. Box  403
Evanston, Illinois 60204-0403

For further information, please visit or e-mail us at or call 847-475-8141 , 847-989-2979


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