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Iran to buy five TU 100-204 planes from Russia


Moscow, March 30, IRNA -- Iran is to buy five TU 100-204 planes from Russia, announced the Head of Iran`s Civil Aviation Organization Hassan Hajalifar here on Tuesday.

Speaking to IRNA after signing a deal with Russian officials on a flight permit, Hajalifar said Iranian government has placed the purchase of the planes on its agenda.

Hajalifar said that under a deal, due to be signed in the coming days by the Civil Aviation Organization and Asian aerospace agency, Iranian aviation companies will be able to sign deals with Russia for plane purchases.

Iran, Russia sign deal on TU 100-204 flight permit

Tehran, March 30, IRNA -- Iran and Russia concluded a contract on Tuesday authorizing TU 100-204 flights over Iranian air space.

Iran`s Ambassador to Moscow Gholam-Reza Shafeie said at the signing ceremony that the memo is a turning point in Iranian aviation industry and mutual aviation cooperation.

Shafeie said Iran expects to benefit from Russian aviation industry and cooperate with Russia in the construction of aircraft. He expressed hope that promotion of Tehran-Moscow aviation cooperation would raise Iranian air fleet`s safety standards.

Meanwhile, Head of Iran`s Aviation Organization Hassan Hajalifar said that Iran and Russia entered into talks on TU-204 planes from November 2003 at President Mohammad Khatami`s initiative.

Head of Russian intergovernmental aviation committee Tatiana Anvdian said in return that the Russian Committee has the duty to issue aviation licenses for operation of Russian planes in international airports.

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