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Bush Reflections 2004!

By Ali Moayedian


Reflecting on the first four years of George W. Bush's Presidency...


Foreign Policy: Pissing off everyone foreign!


Nation Building: Sending in the demolition crews!


Coalition of the Willing: The bottom feeders J


Axis of Evil: Coalition of the not so willing J


Asses of Evil: Coalition of Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld!


Pre-Emptive Strike: Strike first, ask questions later!


Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike: Same as Pre-Emptive Strike, except you don't have to ask anything afterwards J


WMD: Cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction J


Patriotic Act: John Ashcroft's dream, our nightmare!


Fox News: Fair to Republicans and Balanced on its head!


Fahrenheit 911: Temperature at which Michael Moore should burn J


Mission accomplished: Shit has hit the fan J


You can run but you can't hide: But I can, I did it in National Guards once!


United Nations: Short for United Nations of America!


Medicare: Caring for Medical industry!


Flip-Flop: Carl Rove pressing the switch!


No child left behind: Leave the parents behind instead J


Tax relief: Putting a little money in your pocket, taking more out of the other J


Deficit: Saving for our children, in reverse J


Enron: The juice for Bush/Cheney energy policy!


Accountability: Hanging Dan Rather for his colossal mistakes J


Fear: Security!


Democracy: If you are not with us, you are against us!


Election: Eliminating those who stand in the way of democracy!


Swift Boat Veterans: Champions of democracy!


Florida: Banana Republic of Jeb Bush!!


National Security: The state of constant fear about the present!


Social Security: The state of constant fear about the future!


War on terror: The process of establishing national security!


September 11: A failure turned into success!


War: Peace!


2004: 1984!



About the author:
Ali Moayedian is an Iranian American who lives in San Francisco Bay Area. He's crazy enough to take a break from the high tech world and mess with the Patriotic Act!

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