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Brzezinski slams "paranoid" US policy on Iran nuclear program

11/19/04 Berlin, Nov 19, IRNA -- Former US national security advisor Zbiginiew Brzezinski criticized the American government's "irrational and paranoid" policy towards Iran's nuclear program, the website of the weekly stern magazine quoted him as saying.

Asked about his reaction on Washington's allegations that Iran was a nuclear military threat to the rest of the world, Brzezinski responded, "These are only irrational and paranoid slogans."

"Iran by itself is not a notoriously aggressive country. If we really want Iran to take our concern serious, we also have to show understanding," the ex-US official added.

Brzezinski urged Washington "to begin a dialogue" with Tehran on "joint security interests".

He stressed Iran was an "important country in a crisis region surrounded by nuclear powers".

The Polish-born Brzezinski was national security advisor during the Jimmy Carter administration (1977-181).

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