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Rare specie of two-headed venomous snake found in Iran's northeastern city of Neishabour

10/18/04 Neishabour, Oct 18, IRNA -- A two-headed venomous snake from a rare specie was discovered recently in the northeasern city of Neishabour and is currently kept in Neishabour's wildlife museum, said a local official here Monday.

A musueum official, Maryam Eshraqi, said that the snake was discovered by residents of Qadamgah district in Neishabour who found it different from the usual two-headed snakes existing worldwide.

Unlike the known species of two-headed snakes in which the second head is usually inactive, the one found in Neishabour has two separate heads with two complete, independently functioning brains.

She wrapped up her talk by saying that the snake will be kept in the museum alongside other rare species of snakes for further studies.

Neishabour is a city in Khorassan Razavi province 779 km east of the capital Tehran.

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