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Iranians can not be Democrats

By Sharm Zindini, Florida

Here we go again, another four years has gone by and another election year is upon us and like all the other election years- assuming that we do partake in the electoral process of our adopted country- we rush to support our party's candidates without any questions asked- after all we have learned to be partisan and accept the general platforms offered by these two parties election after abortion, pro life; pro tax cut, against tax cut; pro war, not so pro war, and on and on...

As an Iranian-American Patriot, IAP (pronounced yap,) I decided to participate in the political system, first by taking sides- since I could not vote and I was actually on Student Visa and did not make the status of a IAP yet- this was over thirty years ago. And later after I became a citizen by voting for my favorite candidate as a bona fide full fledged IAP. It did not take me long to realize that I am voting for the wrong Party- I was a Democrat and felt it is the best thing since you know what- may be it was because I came to this country when Nixon was president, it must be that- I can't come up with any other reason.

The revelation that I had years later was not that I found my callings with some other party, but the fact that I realized Democrats offered no value to a IAP, and, realized why I thought that I am a Democrat.

Democrat Does Not Mean Democratic...
For those of us who came to this country with no understanding of a democratic process, it was just matter of accepting the Democratic Party as the entity that represented Democratic ideas. Then again what the hay is a Republican to a newly arrived third world citizen who is embracing this new exciting idea called democracy (we leave the discussion of what is a democratic society for some other time- let's assume that's what we have here in our country, US of A). To this day when I talk to my relatives in the old country and discuss American politics- they always ask what are the other political parties besides the Democratic Party.

By examining more and more and understanding the political machinery of our society it was obvious the Democratic Party is a party that takes disenfranchised citizens and makes them even more disenfranchised and in the process uses these followers to their own benefits. In a closer examination, it became evident that Democratic Party is about political slavery of certain minorities. A small number of wealthy people with a vast hidden agenda- for their own financial gains to political influence for special interest groups- which share no American value with the people of our country.

As a matter of fact, they could be considered downright traitors. Take any Democratic Senator, as an example check out California's Senators and closely examine their political agenda, their support for foreign governments, and their financial gains- it sure is un-American.

Why we have no business being a Democrat...
Regardless of the affinity we feel towards any political parties, we should try to learn what they stand for with respect to the community we live in. Of course, we can not ignore where we came from into this equation, but we still need to stay focused on adopting a political party based on the understandings of the social values of our adopted homeland.

Considering our Iranian Heritage, it is obvious that throughout the centuries all the dynasties that ruled Iran always promoted social values that are nothing like the Democratic Party's platform- Of course, with the exception of the last regime, Pahlavi's, which was one the most corrupt and self-serving dynasties in history of Iran- which had no hesitation to sell out to special groups in the States just to gain brownie points with pseudo liberals for favors that would only harm Iran in long term.

Not looking for hand out...
I guess one thing we learned growing up in the old country was never to look for hand outs. You earned your way and wage regardless of what line of business you were in. Somehow along the way, some of our compatriots lost that trait and found out it is easier to look to the government for hand outs. We called people like that 'Geda' back home, and we looked down on people like that especially if they were not invalid. But, here some feel quite ok to look for hand outs from the government while they are going to school or look for government's social programs. Most of the people who support these programs in general vote Democrats. The real question for these people is whether they understand the American values or they are just looking for handouts. They don't realize they are being used as political slaves in a bigger game of politics for agenda that they have no clue. Democrats need these people for their existence and they will do anything to keep these people at the same status they are at for their next election.

Nest of hypocrites...
What it boils down to is that the Democratic Party is made up two groups. One group is the rich egotistic so called politicians who are looking for the kicks of their lives by taking money from people who are trying to live well off, and the other group is made up of bunch of foreign agents who are serving for vested interests of other countries and not America- just check out Senators from Massachusetts, New Jersey, California- to name a few (that's close to 15% of Democratic votes in the Senate.) One thing these senators figured out is how to get votes. Votes got to come from people who are disenfranchised, but then again this country offers so much that there are no disenfranchised. So, if these groups could make people feel disenfranchised they can roster enough votes to get where they want to get.

In conclusion...
Buyer be aware, do your homework and cast your vote for one who really supports a IAP, and American values, and not any other foreign entity. There are other parties you can vote for- Constitution Party, Green Party, Reform Party, and let's not forget Ralph Nader. Consider Democratic Party a pile of excrement with a healthy dose of your favorite perfume. Our other major party is just missing the perfume.

About the author:
Sharm Zindini is an Iranian-American who lives in South Florida Area and is a consultant to major firms in South Florida.

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