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Mother of Iranian Caravansaries Gets ID Card


The project to survey, document and clean Deir-e Gachin, mother of Iranian caravansaries, in the National Kavir Park is completed, Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency reported.

The monument was originally built in the Sassanid era as a castle and its function was changed during the Safavid period.

The caravansary has four iwans to help desert winds pass through the adobe building. It now has the most complete ID card ever issued for a caravansary and if funded, experts will renovate the age-old building, said Omid Ali Sadeghi, an expert with Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (CHTO) in Tehran.

The caravansary's area is 12,000 sq m and it has 43 hojreh (rooms), stately iwans, a backyard, 8 camel stables, 2 shops, one bath and mosque.

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