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ajabanzabAn Introduces Persian-English Magnetic Word Play Kits

Los Angeles, CA - March 31, 2005 - introduces three new Persian-English Magnetic Word Play kits to help you bond with the Persian language. The kits are fun, educational and will spark creativity! The words for each kit are chosen around a theme. The three themes/kits are: Standard (motedAvel), Courtship (xAstegAri) and Pleasantries (t'Arof). The kits also include an engaging instruction sheet with tips on grammar and an alphabet card to ease you back into the script. The kits are $19.95 and can be purchased now at
Each kit has over 600 words and word particles screenprinted on magnetic tiles. The words can be combined to create literally billions of different expressive, meaningful phrases, sentences and soundbites and the word particles help with grammatical functionality.
The Persian words are printed in black ink on the white side of the magnets. On the other side of each magnet you will find the transliteration (the way the word sounds in Persian, spelled out in English letters) and translation (definition) of the word in English. Both sides of the magnet will stick to metal and can be used for word play fun!
These kits are great for people of all language abilities. Those of you who are fluent in Persian can jump right in and play with this fabulous language the way English speakers play with English word magnets. It's not so much about education at this level, but about fun and not taking words for granted. You put all these words on the refrigerator or other metal surface and then compose by putting them together in fun, unexpected ways. In this way, you will find your creativity sparking all day long - or whenever you pass by the fridge.
Many of you outside of Iran are a bit rusty with the Persian language, perhaps even intimidated by or frustrated with the written language. Maybe your vocabulary has been shrinking. Persian-English magnets to the rescue! The English transliteration and translation are right there on the back, like training wheels that you won't need for long. That's because when you play with these word magnets, you will be fluent in no time. Your brain will soon be subconsciously recognizing written Persian words without any effort. And best of all, it's fun!
Finally, for those of you who don't know any Persian at all, this kit is no substitute for classes in Persian. However, you will be amazed at how much fun you can get out of these magnets anyway. You have the English side to play with, and I have actually seen English-only speakers begin to decipher the Persian alphabet just after turning over a few of the magnets. You can just see their brains whirring as they map out the connections between letters and sounds. And it's really cool to be able to read the mysterious Persian script.
Once again, the kits are $19.95 each plus shipping and handling. They can be purchased now at
ajabanzabAn specializes in books, games and novelties for Persian language enthusiasts. We are dedicated to Persian literacy and language excellence. We like to contribute to the creativity of minors (and majors). For more information, check out our fabulous website,

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