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Two Greatest Shows On Earth...

By Mali Mostoufi, New York


O Lord, do NOT forgive them, for they very well know what they are doing. [1] And what they are doing is exactly continuation of their ancestors' thousands of years mass-deception, but in these times with much better access to high technology, through mass media, color television one of the main vehicle of running their shows.


I do not need to go through the last month's events what you viewed and heard on your TV screens when all the ceremonies were put on display for the death and burial of Pope John Paul II and then the election and crowning of his heir, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI. Millions of mesmerized masses attended, in their own persons and much more watched, the both greatest shows on earth.


Ali Khamenei and Co., should eat their hearts out (with jealousy) for,  they all have to pay their mercenary crowd  on regular basis in order that they come out and keep the masses, by any means, "in check" and "faithful" to their brand of 'faith' after fourteen hundred years, especially in the last 26 years. Whereas the Popes, after two thousand years, put their shows on more elegantly and 'chick' without much coercion in such a jolly atmosphere, not only for their one billion Catholics, not only for all the other Christians on earth, but also for the Muslim masses in the world who are in the heat of their own wars with each other. In addition to the wars that the 'heavenly' Born-Again Christian kings of this "Yankeh Donya" [2] have brought upon them so that their soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Central Asia, etc., etc., teach 'our flocks' learn how to be "Free and live in Democracy."


Meanwhile the price of Petrol is jumping high day by day!...


More than one hundred years ago an Irish novelist and playwright dared to say, "No reasonable man or woman can govern his or her life by the opinions and actions of a man who has died about two thousand years ago" [3]. The ever Born-Again-Christians in-power are using the simple aspirations of a young man of 2005 years ago, added with some made up laws ever since, for the purpose of keeping masses of believers in check, in slavery and exploitation. Some of those laws for centuries are related to women. And we, the women who have been through those laws and suffered incredibly, wonder why besides Catholicism, also the laws of other religions, always pass through the bedrooms of men and  women!...What men in power understood about the minds and feelings of women that make them to write and uphold so many Masculine Laws concerning women!...


What the young man, born more than two thousand years ago, and died violently on the Cross at the age of 33, wished for the humanity?...

The following poem which I mused over the holocaust still going on in Iraq (and elsewhere) simply draws the true picture of the Christ then and Christs in our times. I wrote it on September 11, 2004 with the title of:





You don't need

Any myth:

He was one,

Simple man.

Full of love,

Hated wars,

Wanted peace:

                                    On our Earth.

His own tribe,

Took on him,


The Captive,

To Romans.

They nailed him,

On the Cross:

For his love,

For his peace,

For our wars,

Among us:

                                    On our Earth.

Son of God?

Soul of God?

No matter,

What you call,

He was one,

Simple man:

On our Earth.



Every man,

Every woman,

Every child,

When is killed,

Is Christ:

                                    On our Earth.

Look at now,

His body,


His Blood,

So fresh,

On our hands:

                                    On This Earth.




[1]- One of the last utterances of Christ on the Cross:

       " O Lord, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

[2]- "Yankeh Donya": America.

[3]- quote by Oscar Wilde.             






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