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Social Class Segregated Even the Dead of Dastova City


Tehran, Apr. 25 (CHN) - Social class segregated even the dead of the ancient city of Dastova, near Shushtar: the rich were buried along their precious objects in beautiful caskets and the poor in dingy conditions somewhere far away from the rich.

Dastova city was the residence of Alimaii people, who formed powerful local governments 2000 years ago simultaneously with the Seleucids, sometimes uniting and sometimes fighting with each other, but all the way they had their special culture and civilization, leaving of themselves historical monuments which are evidence of their coherent urban systems.

An archaeology team headed by Mehdi Rahbar has been carrying out some studies and excavations in the city since last year, finding some new useful information on the life of Alimaii people there. According to Rahbar, social class played an important role in the city formation, as much as separating the rich and poor even when dead and buried.

Studies on the tombs of Dastova show that the rich and poor had different graveyards. Beautiful caskets filled with precious items were found in that of the rich people of the city, while the cemetery of the poor revealed just signs of its poor owners who had nothing to be buried along with them, explained Rahbar Graves of the poor are actually jut holes in which the dead bodies were buried with poor caskets and shrouds, added Rahbar.

Dastova city came to the attention of archaeologists so late that much of it were destructed by farmers of the area. Experts hope to save the rest when they start their next season of work in Dastova.

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