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Iran: Larijani urges nuclear talks without any preconditions

Tehran, Dec 5, IRNA-Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani said in Tehran on Monday nuclear talks between Iran and Europe should be held with no preconditions, warning that setting any conditions can harm the negotiations.

"No conditions have been announced yet for resumption of negotiations," Larijani told domestic and foreign reporters.

"It seems negotiations at expert level will start within the next two weeks."

In response to a question on the Europeans' demand that enrichment be carried out outside Iran while Tehran believes fuel cycle should be conducted inside the country, he said, "The place of enrichment will not be the topic of of our talks.

"What will be raised during the talks is that enrichment process in Iran will not be diverted from its peaceful path. We have no words on enrichment."

Asked about the possibility of holding talks in Iran, the SNSC secretary said, "The venue of talks is not important. Negotiations can be held anywhere."

Europe's readiness for nuclear talks with Iran positive

Larijani said that Europe's readiness to hold nuclear talks with Iran was a "positive step".

"We try to hold constructive and serious talks and reach a logical solution. If so, the talks will continued for more than months.

"We are determined to ensure that talks will be serious and acceptable. The negotiations will focus on main bones of contention," he said.

The SNSC stressed, "We will not discuss other topics. Neither economic incentives nor other issues will be raised.

"Enrichment will be discussed. On nuclear fuel, we intend to reiterate that nuclear technology is an important issue for Iran.

"We believe talks with Europe is a win-win game. It means Iran will be able to enjoy enrichment technology inside the country.

"This is the Iranians' national demand. The Europeans will also win since they will be confident no diversion will take place in this issue."

Larijani further stated, "We have had close cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). We strived to respond to the IAEA questions within the frameworks of its regulations so the agency would make sure that Iran is after peaceful nuclear technology.

"Iran also tried to give answers to certain questions raised by representatives of various states. After Russia and China had expressed readiness to hold talks with Iran, representatives of the three European states (Germany, France, and Britain) also expressed readiness for nuclear talks.

Asked about recent remark by the Zionist regime's officials on a military attack on Iran, he said, "It was not the first time they made such remarks. I recommend you not to take such words seriously.

"Iran is a powerful country...A country which has powerful forces and good potentials cannot be treated in this manner." 2327/2322/1412

Iran has specified time for confidence building and negotiations

Larijani also said that Iran has decided to wait for specified time for negotiations and confidence building with the international community about nuclear program and would go ahead with enrichment after elapse of this period.

He told reporters that Iranian strategy for confidence building is to ensure no diversion from civilian application of Iranian nuclear program.

Answering a question raised by Agence France Presse (AFP) about Israeli threat to attack Iran, Larijani said that Iran does not take Israeli rhetoric seriously.

"This is not the first time we hear rhetoric from Israel. They used to make such rhetoric and then calmed down very quickly." "If Netanyahu makes such a mistake, he should tolerate consequences and this will add to Israeli problems. Iraq had been weakened when Israel attacked it."

"On the other hand, situation in Israel is not in a way to allow Israelis to follow the theory of 'from Nile to Euphrates'. They well know that how the theory worked in the past several years. Every day is passing by they are forced to back down on their unjust demands.

They were forced to withdraw from Gaza and those who have so many problems can only embark on rhetoric," Larijani said.

Elaborating on why Iran could not agree to uranium enrichment taking place outside the country, he said that the nuclear technology is expensive and it is not right to set up a plant outside the country and then transfer it to Iran after several years.

Iran will welcome proposal for enrichment inside Iran

Larijani said that Iran will welcome any proposal for enrichment of uranium inside Iran.

He told reporters that Iran will not object to any proposal for enrichment of uranium inside Iran. Russia or any other country would be welcomed if they put forward such an offer.

"Of course, the proposal should aim to resolve the problem and not to erase entirety of the problem itself," he said, a reference to European call to dismantle nuclear sites.

"The new proposal should respect Iran's right to enrich uranium on its territory and ensure non-Iranian parties that Iranian nuclear program will not be diverted from civilian application," Larijani said.

A reporter asked whether Iran granted access to inspectors of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to Shian and Lavizan military bases, Larijani said that Iranian cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog is in the context of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and Safeguards Agreement of IAEA.

He said that IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei had called for inspection of the two sites and Iran allowed the Agency's inspectors to see them.

"We allowed the inspection to show that Iranian nuclear program is transparent. Otherwise, Iran is obliged to accept the IAEA demands within regulations of the Agency."

"The US methodology of propaganda is that every time the Agency planned to hold talks on Iranian nuclear program, the US came up with new allegations and asked the UN Agency to examine them. Iran will no longer agree to such a practice in the future."

Asked about possibility of talks between Iran and the US, Larijani said that the US officials are repeating their own allegations and it is not clear how to make sure about their honesty.

He said that the US officials should change their behavior. "When Iranians see double standard of the US officials, they are right not to take the offer for talks seriously."

He said that starting negotiations with the US is an important topic and in case of raising it such a decision should be taken by Supreme National Security Council (SNSC).

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