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Dizzi: Good autentic Persian food and great ambiance

12/5/05 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Dizzi is a very Iranian meal, made with lamb, many different beans potatoes, onions and tomatoes. The best ones are cooked in a special small pottery type jar cooked for very long hours in some kind of oven.

Dizzi restaurant in Tehran is for sure one of my favorite places to eat at. It is located in Azarshahr, street, beginning of Iranshahr Ave., Tel. 8810008. They serve only one dish and are open for lunch only, as dizzi the food is a very heavy and yet extremely tasty meal.

Whenever I have a visitor I don't fail to take them there, even if they are vegetarian, so that at least they can enjoy the ambiance and the atmosphere.

Your place was very empty last time we went there. For Fridays or holidays be ready to wait, but it is worth it and it is quite affordable; a set meal for the set price of about $3.

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