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Mr. President: Where is the justice you promised?

By Fariba Amini

I am wondering just how much Dr. Ahamdi Nejad knows or really cares about justice. We are not getting into his past, what he did, whether he did it or not, or what was his role in Evin prison, whether he really used the last shot to fire at prisoners? Whether he had a role in some assassinations or not? We are now talking about the present, not the past, even if we Iranians like to dwell on the past.

Here and now, let's see what our President has done. We have heard that he is trying to combat corruption in Iran, a phenomenon that is now widespread to the whole society and not just the upper echelons of the government, one of those wonders created in this Velayat Faghih. Yet, he has brought in some very incompetent and uneducated people in the fields- oil, stock market, and banking with shady pasts to take over, which even the chosen parliament has rejected.

Mr. President:

Since your ascent to power, you have said a good many things, made a lot of promises. You have claimed to be the servant of the people, even if you don't look much like a President. But how should a President who claims to bring justice to his people act or be? Well, in the first place , you should free those your predecessors imprisoned. You should bring in new blood, put in place decent and competent people, free the ones who have been jailed and tortured for good many years, or are under house arrest for their outspokenness against misuse of power. Has this happened? Well, from all indications, more individuals are being arrested, gay men are being executed, there is more tightening on women's already limited freedom, and more curtailment on Human rights, in all areas. Or is human rights not part of your vocabulary?

I came to your dinner party in NYC. It was not an elaborate event; there was not even enough food for everyone, even if we are one of the worlds's largest oil producing nations! Although you and the people next to you tried to fool the Iranians abroad on how they are so incredibly talented and how they should support the nuclear energy program of Iran, the way others supported the nationalization of oil, most of the guests were not impressed. You talked about the glory of the Persian Empire and spoke about nationalism, while prior to your talk we only heard Arabic songs and religious versus.

While in my hejab and in a black robe (the gentlemen's favorite color and mandatory even in NYC) I responded by saying that not even a single street is in the name of the man who gave up all his life for Iran's independence from foreign powers; your head of nuclear program said, he is in our hearts! What a joke! If he were really in your hearts, in all of Iran, there would be a minute mention of him, in a positive tone. If your Television channels make a movie about him, it portrays him differently, as a harsh politician. There is a street in Tehran in the name of Bobby Sands, the Irish freedom fighter but not a single alley is in the name of Mohammad Mossadegh, the one who stood by and represented his nation against British colonialism. I guess he is in your hearts but away from your view! While protecting Saad Abad and Niavaran palaces, your guards or the Bassij destroy the roof of his humble house in Ahmad Abad, leaving it in the most despicable condition.

Are you going to continue in the path of others before you? While you are the President of this Republic which was handed over to you, are you going to let people be eliminated because they disagree with your version of Islam and or justice? Or imprison those who are seeking justice and liberty? Is freedom allowed only to part of our society and not the entire population?

I hope you will not embark on this dangerous road you have chosen, because the enemies of Iran are looking for an excuse to destroy our beloved country. Yes, my beloved country which your Islamic Republic has turned into a disillusioned and hopeless nation, made it into a martyr making country with mosques at every other block while people see no happiness, prosperity or peace of mind.

Your replies to me were quite smart; even to the point where I was taken aback... you told the men around your table who were shouting Salaavat to lower their voice. You even said, come and let's build our country together... but do you let people like me or many others give your Islamic Republic government the much needed helping hand? Or do you create many hurdles for them?

We are at a very dangerous crossroad, Mr. President. It is time you practice what you preach or let others whom you consider as "infidels" run the show, while this is not a show anymore. This is the real thing and we are in a very dangerous time zone.

We want our Iran back in one piece and our homeland needs to be saved, soon, very soon. We don't have the patience to wait for Imam Zaman!

... Payvand News - 12/7/05 ... --

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