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Persian Pygmalions: Twin Sisters Nassim And Neissa Parize Moving On From Failure To Wishful Success


Paris Report by Darius KADIVAR


Reality TV Shows seem to divide the general public both in Europe and North America. Many question their utility and denounce the perverted side effects, while others are passionately defending this new platform that creates Stars as quickly as it destroys them overnight. What is certain is that it leaves no one indifferent. Amongst such shows is the successful French Star Academy that scrutinizes  the whereabouts' and artistic endeavours of 18 young recruits (watched 24 hours over 24 by the TV cameras of France's number one privatized channel TF1) judged by a jury of professional artists in the settings of a beautiful French Chateau in the outskirts of Paris.


Nassim and Nessa PARIZE twin sisters of Star Academy TF1



This year's recruits included two beautiful 19 year old twin sisters born in the US to Iranian parents. Nassim and Nessa PARIZE have been inseparable although both hope to graduate from their respective fashion schools in Paris and Nice. In order to be together they decided to test their chance at the famous TV show that has been running for five consecutive years with an increasing success.


19 year old twins Nassim and Nessa
failed to convince Jury of Star Academy 2005 TF1


Unfortunately for the two aspiring artists they were eliminated after the first week of the shows annual running. The reason: "Not good enough ..." . A decision considered as unjust by many viewers and some professionals who questioned the Jury's impartiality for having chose the two outsiders as potential candidates in the first place.


Darius Danesh
as Billy Flynn


Interestingly in recent years after a similar UK show known as "Pop Idol", propelled another Iranian Darius Danesh to stardom status and he has since been saluted as a gifted composer and pop star after his successful release of his song "Colour Blind" that topped in UK charts. Danesh will also appear on Broadway in the title role of Billy Flynn the musical hit Chicago. (See:


Ironically the expulsion of the Parize sisters actually generated a wave of sympathy and support and for the twins who have been invited to various talk shows ( often on the same channel TF1) to express their eagerness to pursue their artistic endeavours.   


In a recent interview with French TV Magazine Tl Star, the twins reiterated their determination to release a CD thanks to the contacts they have made in the show business such as with the producer of French Pop Star Patrick Bruel. They also hope to produce an album in Persian very soon in LA.  


Asked what they would do if they were unsuccessful, the twins (who are said to have their mother's full support) responded simultaneously: "That is impossible! Any hard work pays in the end. If we do not make it in France, we will try elsewhere. If we were to do this adventure all over again we wouldn't hesitate a second, but one thing is certain: as twins we form a band and nothing and no one will separate us."


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About the Author:
Darius KADIVAR is a freelance journalist and film reviewer born to an Iranian father and French mother. He works and lives in France.


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