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Tehran Art Report: Watercolors by Farideh Mansouri

12/20/05 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Farideh Mansouri is what I would call a delicate artist. Her work was to be seen at the Banafshe gallery (No 50, Baharr Alley, Beginning of South Shriraz Ave, Mollasadra, Tehran Tel. 88034247). I was almost as impressed with the invitation card as much as with the works that we saw on display!

There was a softness and gentleness about her work that appealed to me. When I asked her why there is such diversity in the subjects of her work, and whether it meant that they related to different periods in her artistic life, she said no, "I want to please all viewers".

As she told me later, she loves diversity. Although she has always cared for painting it was not until 17 years ago that she became serious about it and started to train. She studies under Ostadd Shaykh, Mr. Petgarr and now teaches a few students at the home that she shares with her supportive husband of 23 years.

She told me that she was heavily influenced by Western painters such as Gauguin, and Iranian artists Mr. Samandarian and Seyvoush Kasraie. Blue is her favorite color. As well as watercolor painting, she plays the piano and loves classical music and like me adores the beautiful warmth in the voice of Ms. Delkash (the great Iranian singer). Here I have a few pictures to share with you from this exhibition.

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