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Delhi Darbar Indian Restaurant in Tehran

12/28/05 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

The first time I met Mr. Bahrami was nearly 25 years ago. Then I used to live in Iranshahr Avenue and often we used to walk to the Indian restaurant near the former US embassy. I had just returned from UK and we loved Indian food, and the food and especially their nann (bread) was great.

Later Mr. Bahrami moved to his new restaurant near my new house close to Park Mellat. Again many times we walked down to their welcoming friendly place and it usually was buzzing with customers as their food was good and affordable. But their rental contract was not renewed as a bank had bought the property.

So it was a delight when I received a call from Mr. Bahrami a short time ago and he informed me that they have opened again this time at:
No. 160 Mollarsadra Ave., after Shaykh Bahaie Tel. 88056816 + 9

Last week with a few friends, and with my foot in plaster, we ventured out there for an Indian meal. There we were welcomed in a large shining dinning hall and after we were seated, I was shown the kitchen, the clay oven where the house's special nann is made, as well as the large char-grill stand where they make the sizzling special kebab.

We ordered our meal and could hear the house parrot, named cou-cou, making noises. The nanns were good; the service was efficient enough even though ambiance was too shining with mirrors for my taste. The food was fresh and good but lacked the old spices; so I found it less Indian than before. Therefore, if like me you like Indian food, but much less spicy, then try the Delhi Darbar one of these days and bone appetite.

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