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Lunch at Gole Rezaieh restaurant in Tehran

2/2/05 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Like all other metropolitan cities, Tehran has many hidden gems. I would like to introduce you to one such place. In the middle of the city center, in 30th Tirr Avenue (formerly known as Ghavam-O-Saltaneh), near the lovely Abgineh Museum, there is a lovely old restaurant called Gole Rezaieh. As one friend said, this small restaurant looks a little tatty, but the moment you walk into Gole Rezaieh, it is like you have entered another space and time!

The place has just one room to seat its clienteles which like the old times seems to consist of many 'in-people' even though they may not have too much money. There are young and old artists, students, thinkers and doers who sit around the small tables to place their orders, whether it is for food or drink. It is also a very popular place for many expatriate Iranians as well as tourists. The food is excellent and we love the nann-o-panier-o-sabzie khordan (bread, feta cheese and greens) with some walnuts and matsou khiyar with kishmish (yogurt and cucumber plus raisins). The fish is excellent, and so are their meat dishes and Khoroust (Persian stew) of the day.

The place is decorated with many old pictures of writers, musicians, philosophers, some Iranians and some Europeans but mainly French - well known faces of years long gone, as well as many old paintings and objects. This must have been a real in-place in our parent's time!

The prices are reasonable, and often they run out of food as they serve very fresh food. By the way although the service is very cordial and efficient, do not expect too many smiles from the manager nor his assistants! I did not dare to ask to go into the kitchen after my request for a photograph was refused!

The day we went to eat there we got there early because the Abgineh Museum, which is nearby was closed- please remember that many museums are closed on Mondays in Tehran. But we were lucky to get a seat and eat good food there.

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures from our lunch at Gole Rezaieh.

Gole Rezaieh Restaurant and Coffee House
No. 180 30th Tirr Avenue, Tehran, Iran
Telephone: 670-7290

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