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Reza Loghmeh: A good place in Tehran to grab a bite to eat

2/28/05 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Last week I went to pick up my friend, whom I had not seen for a few weeks as we are both leading very busy lives. The weather was nice and the day was like an early promise of spring which is around the corner; that is why we had decided to venture out and go out to eat somewhere. My friend is a very busy lady. She is a university professor, writer and translator, and she is one of the active ladies who works on women affairs and related issues. We wanted to sit and chat and exchange news and views. As we were in her part of town I asked where we should go, and she suggested going to a nice cozy place she knew not far away. So we went there and I was in for a lovely surprise!

A couple of readers have written to me and asked me to write about more "traditional" eating places as well. I am not sure if this really falls in that category, but I am pleased to inform them and other good readers who are interested in finding new places to stop by and eat, that I have discovered a very nice eating place. It is called Reza Loghmeh (loghmeh actually means morsel or mouthful). And it has two branches in the center of Tehran. One is in Valiassar Avenue before Park Saie No. 960 (tel# 8710742). I really liked the place, and as it was a Friday afternoon and for a change Tehran's traffic was humanly manageable! We went to see the other branch which is a little farther down in one of the side streets of Joumbouri Avenue, No. 25 Mirza-Kouchank-Khan Street, which is parallel to Hafez and Ferdoursi Avenue (tel# 6702925). I took a couple of pictures for you to see. What was so interesting about the Reza Loghmeh was that there is only one option for food! But you do get a choice for your fizzy drink.

The branch we went to had a few tables for the customers. It was very small and neat; and it had a very bright yellow and sharp red for the color scheme.

The service at Reza Loghmeh was quick and their manner very cool. Much of the business of this branch and most of the business of the other branch further south is take-away, and you can see this clearly from the pictures.

The food is sort of minced kebab. We learned that they use white cabbage instead of onion which makes it so special. The Loghmeh Kebabs were extremely tasty and I was sorry that I was full and could not finish all of mine. Jayeh shoma khali (we missed you).

I have also included a few pictures of my favorite traditional eating place Dizzi; here again they only serve one type of food and only at lunch time. I simply love their old fashioned decor and speedy, good and simple service. But I also love Abkoushet which literally means meat juice that they serve with mixed pickles and lots of sabzie khordan (greens) and naneh sangak (a lovely type of Iranian bread). You may finish your lunch with a cup of tea served in small tea-glasses.

I take all my guests, officials or friends, who have not tasted its lovely dizzi at least once. Dizzi is located in Azarshar Street, Iranshahr Street, Karimkhan, Tehran (tel# 8810008). It is well recommended. Try it next time you are in town.

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