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PHOTOS: Chalous, Iran's Caspian Region

1/22/05 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Recently I took a few days off with a few friends and headed for Shomal, near the Caspian Sea. The predicted bad weather did not materialize and we had a nice and easy journey. During these few days we experienced such varieties of scenery, views, weather and people.

One of the people in our group was a world famous photographer who knows Iran's unfamiliar and beautiful corners like nobody else that I know or have heard of. On our way up north, we took a turn off the Chalous road, to Tavirr Road which took us to Naterr. This turn was before getting to Marzan-Abbad which was to take us to Kelardasht where we intended to stop by for a bite to eat at his koulbeh (hut). Our photographer friend turned left and we went up and up a long hill on Naterr road where there was so much snow, and such clear and clean air that I wanted to breathe it all in, we stopped just before Naterr.

Truly jaye shoma khali- your place was empty as Iranian say. As you will see from the pictures, we got stuck in the snow giving way to another car which was not well equipped! It took nearly an hour and half as well as many young men to get us out of that snowdrift.

We got to the hut eventually, got our food basket out and after a short rest and a nice cup of tea headed on to our destination where we managed to swim and relax in the heated open-air swimming pool.

Here are some photos for you that I hope you will enjoy!

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