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Iranian author, translator Karim Emami dies at 74


TEHRAN, July 10 ((MNA)) -- Iranian author and translator Karim Emami died at his home on July 9. Before becoming a translator of books, he was a journalist at the English language Tehran daily Keyhan International. He started work as a translator in the 1960s and continued until his death.

Emami was considered a forerunner in the translation of works of contemporary Iranian poets into English. A bibliography of his translations appears in the collection of Emami's essays entitled "From the Ups and Downs of Translation" (Az Past-o Boland-e Tarjomeh).

"Wine of Nishapur", a translation of a great number of Omar Khayyam's poems from the Rubaiyat, was one of Emami's outstanding works.

"The Love Is Always Alone", a selection of poetry by Iranian blank verse poet Sohrab Sepehri, was translated by Emami in 2003.

He also translated several poems of Forugh Farrokhzad. "Art in Iran" and "Golestan Palace Library" are among the books authored by Emami.

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