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Iranian make up artist Hassan Lotfi underlines modern techniques in cinema


Tehran, July 31, IRNA-US-based Iranian make up artist Hassan Lotfi said in Tehran on Sunday Iranian cinema is in dire need of modern techniques to proceed with its presence on international scene.

"Cinema is considered as an industry which requires investment and techniques", Lotfi, who has recently returned home, told IRNA.

Hassan Lotfi

The make up artist of Hollywood Oscar winning movies 'Planet of the Apes' and 'Austin Powers', Lotfi stressed gaining the knowledge of modern technology is inevitable and that marketing is regarded as a basic means to introduce the cinema productions.

He compared the style of movies produced by the Hollywood with those produced by Iran, saying the Hollywood-style cinema lacks ideology but the Iranian cinema is known as ideological cinema.

The old techniques in cinema should be replaced by modern ones, he said, adding that Iranians residing abroad should be trusted as they are willing to transfer their valuable experience to their homeland.

Lotfi, who has returned home after 15 years, has undergone some vocational courses of make up in Hollywood.

He expressed hope that the Iranian cultural officials in charge of cinema prepare appropriate grounds so that he would launch training of update make up techniques for the youth.

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