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Iran: The Coming Of Presidential Election, And Participation Of A Nobody In This Election

By Roya Monajem, Tehran

Have you ever thought how can "nobody" be a "somebody"? Particularly, somebody who thinks that she is somebody 'important or wise enough' to write something, and not only to write something - which appears to be just a natural ordinary thing for human beings of the 20th century - but be megalomaniac enough to publicly distribute it.

These are just some confessions for readers. This is your right, beloved readers to know who is sitting behind these words, although each one of us may have her/his own reasons for having such curiosity and for some such curiosity might not even exist. But for those similar in nature as the writer of these lines, which means an essentially suspicious person who in her most extreme aspect can trust nothing and nobody, such confessions may make a difference. 

"I am nobody, who are you?" says the American Poet, Robert Frost, "Are you nobody too?"

I read these lines many years ago. This 'nobody' still remembers them because she sensed some truth in it. But to learn something mentally is very different from experiencing it emotionally, let alone existentially, meaning with one's whole being, which in turn means bodily, emotionally and mentally at the same time.  

"I am nobody, who are you?"

As the world outside is a mirror of the world inside, then at least at this very moment that you are reading these lines being written by a 'nobody,' it is possible to assume that you are nobody too. 

"So that makes a pair (or many) of us," still chiefly in Robert Frost's words.

Thus it is possible to assume that there are a number of people who deep down recognize their 'nothingness,' yet they deny it, particularly because it is an overwhelmingly powerful 'truth.'

"To be or not to be," this is the question perhaps only when one thinks that as though one's being makes a difference. Only a megalomaniac can say that, don't you agree? The greatest influence that a human being can exert is that of prophets and certain wise enlightened individuals who never claimed to be a messenger of god. And despite the holy books and non-holy books that they brought for humankind, nevertheless nothing appears to have changed radically on our beautiful planet, Earth.  

For this pen, it took half a century to finally reach an emotional realization of her nothingness, and she is finding it quite hard to accept and acknowledge this one simple truth. This same reluctance and escapism may very well be the root, the source of her aforementioned megalomania, manifesting itself in continuing to keep and write for this Corner.

Surely, no ordinary human being could be a 'somebody' with the exception of those who know who they really are. And by somebody, I mean one whose existence does make a difference. And what is meant by the phrase 'making a difference' is to bring about a radical change in the quality of one's existence, to transform into an active human being, capable of governing one's own destiny.  

So do you think it "makes any difference" who will win in the coming presidential election of this country? Or any country, including our Big Brother's country, the United States of America, the first mass 'humanity and democracy' exporter in the history of mankind? 

"I am nobody

Who are you?

Are you nobody too?

Then it makes a pair of us;" or many of us. Do you think our number is high enough to make it possible for us to set up a territory or country of our own and call it a name such as 'Nihilistan?' Perhaps then a bunch of 'nobodies' would make a difference after all.  


... Payvand News - 6/6/05 ... --

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