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Sean Penn hopes US people know Iran's culture


Tehran, June 14, IRNA-Hollywood Oscar wining Sean Penn said here Monday he was hoping for American people to come to Iran and get familiar with the Iranian culture.

"I've the honor, I am spending my time with you here in Iran. We love cinema," he told a gathering of Iran's cinema officials, film-makers and actors in a friendly meeting held at Iran's Museum of Cinema, north of the capital.

"I came to Iran to write my news story and you gave me here today the idea to write my story," he said in response to a question about his feelings of being in the presence of some Iranian cinema men, artists and cameramen from many Tehran-based newspapers, media and press.

The well-known Hollywood star, Sean Penn, arrived in Tehran last week, saying he has been assigned to cover the news of Iran's 9th Presidential Elections slated for June 17.

"Being here as a reporter, why you have not broken your silence when other reporters have come to you to know more about your assignment in Iran?" IRNA reporter asked and Penn, 44, reacted modestly, "I have not been silent. Rather, I have focused on my plan to fulfill my job here. I will comment later after I accomplish my work here", without giving further details.

Earlier, Sean Penn, the outspoken critic of US President George W. Bush, had visited Iraq before the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2002.

Sean Penn visited Iran's Museum of Cinema during on Monday. Putting on a casual dress and free from formalities, Penn received an honorary award there.

Penn is in Tehran to cover the June 17 presidential election for the San Francisco Chronicle.

His latest movie, Interpreter, is on the screen.

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