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Mr. Massoud Behnood's back door invitation to U.S. military intervention in Iran

By: Shahriar Etemadi, Maryland

The sworn enemies of the Iranian nation cannot openly and directly invite U.S. military intervention in Iran these days because of guaranteed fierce resistance form all segments of the society. Mr. Behnood's article in Payvand (Iraq's Election)however, is the best backdoor invitation to American military adventure in Iran that I have seen so far. Mr. Bush could not find a better spokesperson for his war in Iraq. Does Mr. Behnood really know that invasion of another country and overthrowing its government is against the international law and it is inherently undemocratic? How total destruction of a country with more than 150,000 deaths (according to recent study by Johns Hopkins University) and many more wounded and disabled could be justified for bringing democracy to the region? Democracy must be initiated and developed by the member of a society in order to sustain. Democracy cannot be transplanted. The western democracy that is so appealing to Mr. Behnood is practiced here in the U.S. and the agencies of U.S. government abroad. Thousands of prisoners are subject to torture, rape and death. When children could be executed until March 1, 2005 (few days ago when supreme court changed the law). When mentally retarded convicts are executed every year. When more than 30 percent of children in Washington DC go to bed hungry four or five nights a week. When African Americans are disproportionably executed and are impreseoned in America every year. When $430 Billion dollars spent on military every year and the budget for health care for the poor is cut and tens of millions of Americans can not visit doctors when they are sick because they do not have any insurance or can not afford health care. When the media is virtually controlled by big corporations and have become propagators of war and government misrepresentations. There are many more examples that cannot fit this article. And all of this is happening in the America that owns half of the world's wealth. Are these human rights issues? Are these issues relevant to the notion of democracy?

'An obstructed brook cannot be opened except with handle of a spade' Does this mean we need the same handle of spade that Iraqis have received for the past two and half years? Do we need American Military intervention in Iran to save us from the Iranian government? Then, there will be voices rising from every corner of graveyards in Iran saying ' the warm feeling of democracy has entered my grave too'. I wonder if Mr. Behnood will be willing to sacrifice his family and friends under U.S. bombardments in Tehran to hear the voices from the graveyards in Iran for his prescribed form of democracy? We must not forget that if it comes to that, there will be hundreds of thousands if not millions of Iranians will die to defend their country like they have done it so many times before in their history.

The war in Iraq was precisely about oil and not democracy. Neo-Cons themselves have said, in relation to Iraq war that 'whoever controls the energy resources in the future will have the veto power over the world's economy.' Why is that important? The answer is in the economic projections for Europe and East Asia particularly China. United States will be the second economic power after the United Europe in less than 10 years and the third economic power in less than 20 years when China and East Asia surpass Europe. United States cannot compete in the changing world economy and they have shown in their history, they do not shy from using violence to maintain their superiority. Mr. Behnood's claim that U.S. war in Iraq is about democracy is preposterous. Spending $300 billion dollars and sacrificing thousands of young American lives for democracy in Iraq without any other motivation is just plain non-sense. United States has totally lost the control of the events in Iraq. That is the only reason the Bush Administration was forced to let the election goes forward. Americans are not even prepared to congratulate the Shiiats who are apparently winner of the election in Iraq. Some American political figures predicted before the war that the worst possible outcome of the war for the United States would be a Shiite government in power friendly to Iran. That is exactly the outcome of the war. The real winner of the American adventure in Iraq is Iran.

The Iranian government, regardless of what Mr. Behnood feels, has played its cards brilliantly whether it comes to the situation in Iraq or the nuclear showdown with the West. Iranians are not begging Europeans or Russians for their needs-sanctions and wars have not brought them down to their knees. Iranians are winning the game. George Bush is grudgingly has decided to follow the Europeans to give Iran incentives including the membership in the WTO. We must not condemn everything about Iran in order to get at the current government. We must stop demonizing Iranians and everything about Iran.

No country in history has ever been friend or enemy of another country for reasons other than purely self-interests. The fact is today's world powers and alliances are shifting precisely for the reasons of shifts in the economic powers. The realignment of powers in the world is leaving the U.S. out of the game. Europe is practically divorcing from America. People around the world are demanding their governments to diverge from their alliance with America. Three major elections in the past three years, Germany, Spain and South Korea have produced leaders who campaigned on the platform of standing up to America. Europe, South America, Russia, India and Middle Eastern countries are looking to the East and particularly China for their future alliances. Invading Iraq accelerated the process of divergence from the United States. People around the world feel they can be attacked without good reasons and they are scared. This fear has brought countries from east to west and from north to south together to form a block against the threat posed by the United States. The U.S. is beginning to realize that anti-American tsunami is rising and swiping the world and they must get ahead of it. America still has the capacity to turn the situation around and adopt a policy that is in harmony with the rest of the world. America will benefit much from joining the world than continuing their antagonistic posture. America should practice what it preaches. People around the world do not hate America because of its idealism articulated by her founding fathers but because she is moving away from it.

Iran has become the arena for the power struggle between the U.S. in one hand and the Europe, Russia and China on the other. Europe and China cannot concede other countries with energy resources to America-for it gives the veto power to America over their future economic growth.

Mr. Behnood claims that the Iraq war and the subsequent election were the God's gift of democracy to the region and the sign of transformation at the beginning of the 21st centaury. I agree with him but the outcome of the Iraq war has not and will not be what U.S. Administration intended to be. Can anyone believe that a true free election in the Middle East (except Israel), could produce a government that is friendly to the United States? Do we know a situation in history that a country would knowingly invade another country and bring about a situation to create enemies for herself?

I would like to end this article by using the same proverb that says 'it is possible to wake up people, but not those who pretend to be asleep' Mr. Behnood is the only one who pretends to be sleep.

... Payvand News - 3/17/05 ... --

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