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Embarking on Lunacy

By Ray Salehi


A group of Europeans of Iranian origin refused to disembark a Lufthansa airplane at the Brussels Airport arriving from Frankfurt earlier this month to protest the EU trio negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Furthermore, they made requests that the European powers to dislodge the Tehran Regime and restore the rule of the (Pahlavi) monarchy.


At the initial instant of shock, what is repulsive about their approach is the use of a public transport, and an aerial one at that, to draw attention to their political demands although it was done non-violently. They may have received the media's attention for fifteen minutes but certainly lost all sympathy of the world audience through their juvenile and injurious antics.


Apparently, they don't realize by intentionally disregarding the rules of civil society they define the caliber of their own objectives and character.


Recall Iranian-Americans were quite dismayed that our compatriots were being singled out, among a handful of other Middle Eastern nations, and subjected to an objectionable finger-printing, and picture-taking at the US points of entry and transit after 9/11 although the Iranian people were outraged at 9/11 and did not share even remotely the perpetrators' approach or objectives to initiate a phantom war against the United States and to put the West, as embodied by Europe, on notice.


Now the Lufthansa flight protesters, apparently loose members or sympathizers of Anjomane Padeshahi of the UK, have sealed all traveling Iranians fate as potential troublemakers and the now irrefutable need for more humiliating pre-boarding, and pre-entry checks.


The irony and incongruence of this fiasco is that Persians without exception pride themselves in having a rich and evolved culture of civility and good social standards of behavior and discourse. Well, it seems the pro-monarchist group of Europe have lost their connection to the cultural civility of their forbearers.


And there is also this puzzlement that if they are citizens of nations of Europe, why have they not taken to heart the experience of their adopted countries where most were monarchies of various stripe to later shed that political structure in favor of pluralism and democracy and denouncing of one-man-rule of yesteryear. Isn't the central fault and shortcoming of the Islamic Republic's constitution its Velayat-e-faqih tenet, and how is that any different than a ruling monarchy in principle?


To restore a bludgeoned public image, Anjomane Padeshahi of the UK and their associates in the US need to unequivocally repudiate themselves from the deplorable antic of Lufthansa flight protesters and vow to only back a legal and civil means of protestation.


... Payvand News - 3/18/05 ... --

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