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An Open Letter to Members of U.S. Congress Re: H.R. 282/S. 333 ('Freedom Support Act')

By Daniel M Pourkesali, Virginia

I'm writing in regard to the H.R. 282/S. 333, the so called 'Iran Freedom Support Act' -- A bill 'to hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its threatening behavior and to support a transition to democracy in Iran'

First of all, I'd like to know what specific 'threatening behavior' by Iran has earned it the wrath of my representatives in the U.S. congress? If by that we're referring to their enrichment activity in pursuit of nuclear technology then the following facts are being discounted or completely ignored:

1) As one of the signatory nations to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran is entitled to the full nuclear cycle under article IV including fuel enrichment activity under international inspections by the IAEA which so far have only confirmed their full compliance with the NPT.

2) Iran has quietly cooperated with the U.S. in its war on terror, has never attacked any of its neighbors, and does not occupy any other country's territory. On the other hand, several of the regional states including Pakistan, India, and Israel already possess nuclear weapons, none have signed the NPT, and in case of Israel, it more than once has attacked its neighbors including Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Jordan and continues to occupy parts of Lebanon, Syria, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip today.

Secondly, with regard to "supporting transition to democracy', how can the United States achieve that goal by making regime change in Iran official guiding principle as called in this act? Such unwise move would actually undermine the efforts of moderate pro-democracy groups. This is an absurd notion by any civilized nation that claims to abide by the rules of international law. The hard-line elements within that regime will rightfully interpret such stupid and shortsighted policy as a threat to its national security. Imagine for a moment how we would react if the Russian Dumas adopted regime change as their policy towards the United States?

The Iranian people have struggled hard and continue to strive for a more democratic society. The U.S. can help hasten that process by adopting diplomacy which will go a long way in reducing tensions with their nation, thus creating an atmosphere in which the pro-democracy elements within the regime can work more diligently toward that goal.

Please reconsider your injudicious support for this shortsighted act which will only lead to an unhealthy confrontation with the people of Iran. They are for the moment on our side and that's where we need to keep them.

... Payvand News - 5/19/05 ... --

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