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Aghayeh Ahmadinejad: Wake up to the reality

By Fariba Amini


You are out of line.  Today you have called for the annihilation of a country without realizing the consequences of such a statement for Iran.  Moreover, while you speak of freedom for others, we have prisoners of conscience like Akbar Ganji who has been beaten in prison recently and was on a hunger strike because he spoke about freedom. Many of the ones before him were put to death for the same ideals.


Now you speak of the elimination of a country that has oppressed another people, the Palestinians.  Who are we to talk or defend the Palestinians when we cannot even defend our own? Who are we to speak about other people’s rights when we oppress our own?


Yes the Palestinian people deserve self governance and self determination in lieu of what they have encountered, but to call for the annihilation of the state of Israel when the people of Israel faced  injustice at the hands of Fascism and Nazism is not only wrong but uncalled for.


A poster in Tehran:  "Israel should be wiped out ..."   Imam Khomeini

If we speak of freedom and an end to oppression by all then we should mean all and not just point the finger at one country and one nation.  We must begin with ourselves.  The time for propaganda and false rhetoric is over. It is not 1979 anymore. It is 2005. The world has changed and so has Iran. 


If today, the Israeli government is taking the rights of the Palestinians away it is only natural that the Palestinians should fight for their rights and not you, as the President of another country to call for wiping out a country off of the map.


You as an Iranian and as the President of Iran , you who have claimed in your short presidential election that you stand for justice, should practice what you preach,  to give justice to your own people and let others fight for their own.


The mind of our youth has been brainwashed with rhetoric for too long but the time has come for Iranians to mind their own business, to fight for liberty in their own country first and foremost rather than calling for another country’s annihilation. Today, our own prisoners, like Ganji and all like him, including students who were supposed to be freed deserve Freedom and an honored place instead of being in confinement. 


The president of Iran should face up to the reality that his own people are under a tyrannical theocracy and are suppressed for telling the truth.  Until then he has no right to speak about other people's plight.


... Payvand News - 11/5/05 ... --

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