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'Living In Hell,' A True Odyssey of an Iranian Woman

Source: Press Release, Park Avenue Publishers, Inc

Living In Hell" is a captivating account of an Iranian woman's mean life in Islamic Iran where she fought against the social, political and religious injustice being practiced as Islamic law. The author cautions the world about a nuclear Iran: "The Government of Iran has no mercy on the opposition. Since coming to power in 1978, it has killed more than 130,000 of its own citizens while denying responsibility for any inhuman acts at home or abroad."

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Ghazal Omid survived the Islamic Revolution and the eight-year Iran/Iraq War, which killed half a million people; when virtually every day was a 9/11 day. Constantly harassed by government "watch dogs," she escaped a kidnapping plot by jumping out of a speeding car. She endured a harrowing prison encounter where she saw mothers and their babies being held in fetid cells indefinitely. Abducted and threatened with arrest for taking pictures of the Abadan oil refinery and of fellow students and teachers at university in Isfahan, Omid was marked for an orchestrated death sentence, common for such minor offenses against the regime. The author fled her native Iran only when it became impossible for her to continue delivering her message. With the help of sympathetic university and embassy personnel and black market documents, she made her way through France and Holland to become a refugee in Canada where she is now a citizen.

The book recounts an insider's view of the revolution, the US embassy hostage crisis and the war. Having studied Islam for 17 years and counseled with many Shiah scholars, the author knows Islamic law. Her studies, documented in the Afterword, address many questions people have about Islam. Her research affords insight into why Muslim countries seem to be prone to terrorism and examines the link between poverty, ignorance and terrorism. She alerts the reader that terrorism breeds and thrives on fear, citing a famous Persian proverb, "Fear is the twin brother of death." She contends it is possible to stop terrorism and offers sound advice to that end, emphasizing that we need to know our enemy and why they became terrorists. She explains the true meaning of "Jihad," who can legitimately order it and when people should be concerned in hearing the word.

"Living In Hell" protests the mindless oppression of women. Omid's personal life and the family abuse she endured, with no one to confide in, will strike a familiar chord with essentially expendable women in Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyz and other Middle East countries where male dominated societies perpetuate barbaric "honor" killings, allowing families to murder their daughter or sister with little risk of punishment. This horrific crime, which has no basis in true Islam, is still common in Iran, which has regressed in human rights since the so-called Islamic Revolution. The frustration of true Shiah leader's with radical Islamic behavior is exemplified by the late Grand Ayatollah Broojerdy's rebuke to a man who accused a Mullah of theft, "Don't say a Mullah became a thief; it is the thief who became a Mullah."

Ghazal Omid calls herself "A Rebel With A Cause" because her thinking does not mesh with her cultural heritage. Omid has been called an "American Patriot" in Iran and a "Muslim Terrorist" in the U.S., illustrating the fine line between patriotism and discrimination. She makes the point, "Being born into a culture that has been linked to terrorists or a religion, which has been used by them, does not make one a terrorist." In her words, "We don't have to like one another but we need to respect one another."

The author is available for interviews or appearances. For media kit, interviews or reviews contact William Wright, Press releases will be available at BEA Press Room and Park Avenue Publishers booth.

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