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Full text of Iranian official's address to IAEA Board meeting

Tehran, Nov 25, IRNA-Iran's ambassador and resident representative Mohammad M. Akhondzadeh delivered a speech before the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) Board of Governors in Vienna, Austria, on Thursday.

The following is the full text of his speech:

"In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

"Mr. Chairman,

"Allow me at the outset to welcome you back to the chair. I also assure you of the fullest cooperation of my delegation. I would like to put on the record the appreciation of my country to the members of the NAM in particular Ambassador Rajmah Hussain of Malaysia, the chairperson of the NAM for their cooperative and constructive contribution. I also thank the valuable cooperation of other countries in this regard.

"Mr. Chairman,

"We start this Board meeting in a time that a few remaining issues related to peaceful nuclear activities of Iran are nearly to be resolved very soon. Iran in the last two years made intensive cooperation with the Agency to resolve remaining issues. During the same time 1400 man/day intrusive inspection took place in Iran which is unprecedented in the history of the Agency. This cooperation made it possible to the Agency to have better understanding of the nature of our peaceful nuclear program.

"The recent report by the D.G. Gov/2005/87 clearly shows how much progress has been achieved so far. Almost all outstanding issues, in particular origin of contamination, have been resolved.

Therefore, now many members of this body continue to question vigorously the necessity to keep anymore the issue within the framework of the BOG agenda. We continue to believe that the progress achieved so far doesn't justify the issue remains within the Agenda of the BOG. Therefore, as indicated in the statement of the Chairperson of NAM, it is expected that all safeguards activities in Iran would soon be implemented in routine manner.

"Mr. Chairman,

"In spite of the justified resolution passed on September meeting, Iran in good faith continued to keep the Agency as the centerpiece of its activity and continue its cooperation with the Agency to resolve a few outstanding issues.

"The Agency now concluded in a number of cases such as on shipment documents and other documentation that "the information provided by Iran seems consistent with Iran's declaration of what had been procured in the late 1980s and early 1990s for the first stage of the P-1 R&D program at the AEOI." This is not the first time that the D.G. report indicates that the information provided by Iran collaborates with findings of the Agency. The findings of the Agency as indicated in Para 12 of Gov/2005/67 on the source of contamination now in past several reports since last year as well as the recent report support Iran's statement about the foreign origin contamination.

"Mr. Chairman,

"The positive trend to resolve a few remaining issues has been continued in the last couple of weeks. Iran made its utmost effort free from the smoke created in this body at the September meeting to continue to cooperate with the Agency. The report of the D.G. is crystal-clear in this regard. Therefore, I suffice to enumerate just a few of the developments since last Board meeting:

"* For the second time the Agency's access to the building requested within the area of interest at Parchin. The Agency as indicated in Para 16 of the Gov/2005/87 did not observe any unusual activities in the buildings,

"* The provision of many available documents and information as stipulated in Para 5, 10 of the Gov/2005/87 report,

"* Permitting to interview with individuals as outlined in Para 4 of the report,

"* The Agency continued to monitor installations related to the uranium gas centrifuge and laser enrichment which the D.G. report indicates that "has not observed any deviations from Iran's voluntary suspension,

"* Iran continued to act in accordance with the provisions of the Additional protocol as it ratified it.

"Mr. Chairman,

"In spite of all this cooperation provided by Iran, once again allegations continued to be made by a certain state to undermine the achievements of the Agency. I should recall this august body that almost prior to any BOG meetings it has become a usual practice by the US and terrorist groups supported by this state to fabricate false allegations against Iran and to deviate the attention of the member states from the considerable progress achieved in recent years. As it has been specified in the September report that "The Agency did not indicate the presence of nuclear material, nor did the Agency see any relevant dual use equipment or materials in the locations visited."

"Now new false allegations have been brought forward prior to November meeting of the Board which is ironically by the Media and Diplomats.

"Mr. Chairman,

"Regarding the issue of uranium metal hemisphere I have to draw the kind attention of the distinguished members of the Board to the following:

"- The information contained in one and a half pages is simple and non-sophisticated information which could be found in open literatures and on Internet.

"- The information containing in this document regarding the conversion of UF6 to uranium metal is so un-comprehensive and incomplete compared with thorough and well elaborated information and drawings existing in Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) in Esfahan.

"Submitting all document received from intermediary to the Agency, including the said sheets, is a clear indication of Iran's full transparency with the IAEA.

"Based on the above technical and documentary observations, such a minor issue should by no way hinder the tremendous progress achieved by joint cooperation of IAEA and Iran.

"Mr. Chairman,

"Iran continues to cooperate with the Agency as the centerpiece of its activity. The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to non-proliferation and the elimination of nuclear weapons, and considers nuclear weapons and capability to produce or acquire them as detrimental to its security. Iran will continue to abide by its obligations under the NPT.

"At the same time, I should also emphasize that all this commitments shall be in closer conjunction with our right to peaceful uses of nuclear energy as stipulated in Article IV of the NPT. In this context, it must be underlined that all States party to the NPT, without discrimination, has an inalienable right to produce nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. As this right is

"inalienable", it cannot be undermined or curtailed under any pretext. Any attempt to do so would be an attempt to undermine a pillar of the Treaty and indeed the Treaty itself. This right includes enrichment and fuel production. Therefore as expressed by the distinguished NAM Chairperson "member states choices and decisions in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy and its fuel cycle policies must be respected."

"Mr. Chairman,

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has always wanted to ensure that no effort is spared in order to reach a negotiated resumption of its enrichment activities.

"Furthermore, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in his address to the General Assembly on September 17, 2005, made yet another far reaching offer of added guarantee by inviting international partnership in Iran's enrichment activities. This is the maximum transparency and confidence building measure ever made in this regard by a state. In this respect, my delegation appreciates all initiatives by other Member States aiming at facilitating the speedy conclusion of the Iranian nuclear issue in the IAEA.

"Mr. Chairman,

"Let me address the issue of Iran/EU3 talks. Iran as indicated on numerous occasions has never walked out from the negotiations.

Iran welcomes consultations and negotiations with others in order to facilitate the work of the Agency and calls on the EU3 to replace the course of confrontation with interaction and negotiation to reach understanding and agreement. We hope the result of this board can contribute to a positive atmosphere to resolve promptly the issue and continue the implementation of the safeguards on routine manner.

"Thank you."

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