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Rafsanjani: "We need to interact rationally and seriously with the world in dealing with any affair"

Tehran, Nov 25, IRNA-Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Hojatoleslam Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said here on Friday Tehran needs to interact rationally and seriously with the world in dealing with any affair.

photo: ISNA

"We need to interact rationally and seriously with the world in dealing with any affair," said Rafsanjani in his Friday prayers sermon addressed to multitudes of Friday prayers worshipers at Tehran University campus, while elaborating on country's Twenty-Year Perspective Document.

Rafsanjani added, "Islam and the Islamic Revolution have come for regional interactions, and are not after waging wars with the world." He referred to the country's Twenty-Year Perspective Document as the document for "blessed life of the Islamic society", considering tendency toward political, social, and cultural independence, as well as freedom in choosing jobs, nurturing and blossoming of talents, and political, social, and cultural freedom as "significant cultural values" stressed in that document.

Hashemi Rafsanjani added, "Establishment of a sound atmosphere, providing the bare necessities, and yielding to competition from equal stands are the other positive cultural values pursued in the Perspective Document.

He reiterated, "Feeling responsible towards safeguarding the existence of the system and our motherland, paying due respect to the laws and order, caring about the proper preservation of the environment, boosting the national and religious pride, paying attention to regional balance in establishment of social justice, generating career dynamism in performing duties and establishment of an appropriate atmosphere for production and innovations for all individuals in our society were among the main axes for drafting that document.

The Expediency Council chief considering promotion of monotheist mentality and encouraging yielding to evolutions, as two main axes of the Perspective Document, adding, "Scientific and innovative roaches were encouraged in the text of the document, the need to yield to evolutions, and the necessities of development, and a comprehensive outlook that combines tendencies toward material and spiritual ambition results from it."

He added, "Once man would be tainted with God's attributes, he would live a prestigious life, take advantage of indigenous sciences and technology, observe the Islamic virtues, cooperate in all affairs, accept that man's move toward perfection is endless, and seek justice eternally."

The interim Friday preacher of Tehran referred to "respect for private and public ownership, forbidding usury, fair distribution of wealth, and recognizing the value of work and production, as "special values considered in drafting the Perspective Document."

Among the other special values kept in mind in drafting the said document he referred to the "public supervision power, paying attention to the Islamic rule of do not inflict losses and do not yield to loss, and cooperation, public participation and yielding to competition in a sound atmosphere."

He stressed that the Islamic society is founded based on love for descendants of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and the leadership of Imams from his Infallible Household.

Hashemi Rafsanjani added, "Survival of the fittest, paying attention to the rule that councils need to make decisions, respecting the nobility of human beings, giving responsibilities proportionately with the individuals' powers, recognizing the necessity to create jobs, and encouraging innovation and creativity, are the values kept in mind in devising the Perspective Document in the field of management."

He evaluated "lack of stagnating and dogmatic tendencies" in a management system as "significant values", adding, "In devising the Perspective Document special emphasis is made on the need to cooperate."

Wisdom, precaution prevailed over Board meeting

In another part of his sermon, Rafsanjani said wisdom, farsightedness, precaution and avoidance of adventurism seemed to prevail over the UN nuclear watchdog's Thursday meeting.

Addressing multitudes of Friday prayer worshipers at Tehran University campus, Rafsanjani said that the meeting still continues, of course.

The chairman of influential Expediency Council, said behavior and approaches adopted at IAEA seemed to be soft-tuned in its Thursday meeting in dealing with Iran's nuclear dossier.

He stressed that wisdom ruled over the negotiating party and the uncalculated words were no longer to be heard.

The statement of recent Board meeting showed that there are certain groups still attempting to keep last vestige of harassment, said Rafsanjani, instructing the group of states to avoid adventurism in such a sensitive case and turn to cooperation, collaboration and the so-called `inspections.' The provisional Friday prayers leader said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for cooperation with the IAEA to clarify certain ambiguities.

He said Iran's nuclear issue may take a long time to be settled as has been the case in other parts of the world and that it is not so that the matter would be settled in a week, or even a year.

One should take actions with patience and prudence so that the world and the region would not be plunged into dangerous tension, said the cleric.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will not tolerate bullying and "it would not be to your interest too to bully," said Rafsanjani.

The EC Chairman hoped that the traces of rationality, observed in recent IAEA Board meeting, will continue in the future as well.

Referring to the ongoing crimes committed in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, Rafsanjani said terrorists' crimes in Iraq are out of one's patience.

"How could they martyr innocent people in the congregational rayers and public places through suicide operations?" asked Rafsanjani.

Touching on presence of foreign forces in Iraq, Rafsanjani said Iraq's occupation has been prolonged and the massive presence of foreign forces in the country, which is located in a sensitive region, has become problematic.

Stressing the need for foreign troop pullout from Iraq, Rafsanjani said one should think on ending Iraq's occupation after elections in the country.

Calling recent clashes on Lebanese-Israeli border "dangerous", Rafsanjani said Israeli regime has stepped up attacks on Lebanese soil both from air and the ground. "Such mischiefs are problematic," cautioned the official.

The Israeli regime tries to downgrade the revolutionary Muslim state of Syria, which is something "intolerable", he added.

Rafsanjani also referred to the ongoing disastrous crimes in the occupied lands and massacre of Palestinians, saying Israeli regime tries to blame others for its domestic problems.

Israel is hit by severe domestic pressures and crises, noted Rafsanjani, saying such bitter events are caused due to arrogant and colonialist approaches.

Rafsanjani blamed the US for the events and said the country itself has been facing growing opposition inside.

"Americans are behind such bitter incidents; it has been for several years that they are fighting, sustaining fatalities and enduring cost; inside their own country too number of the opponents is growing," said Rafsanjani.

He instructed the colonialists to let people in the region solve their problems themselves.

Voicing concern over recent events in the Middle East region, Rafsanjani said fair countries, and especially the United Nations, should get involved in the case.

"They should not allow the sensitive Middle East region, which is ike a munitions depot, to be inflamed," cautioned Rafsanjani.

Recent events in France and certain European states have sent them alarms against spread of similar incidents, said the cleric, adding that it seems there are many such alarming signs in the Middle East, Europe and the US.

"I hope they will take lessons from the events and will not treat other nations this way," concluded Rafsanjani.

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