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SNSC spokesman: Entire enrichment process to be conducted in Iran

Tehran, Nov 28, IRNA-Iran's Supreme National Security Council Spokesman Hossein Entezami emphasized here Monday, "The entire process of uranium enrichment must be conducted inside Iran." Speaking to IRNA Political Desk, Entezami reiterated, "The country's high ranking officials intend to have the full cycle of nuclear fuel production in our own soil, in other words, they want Iran to join the world nuclear club."

He added, "When we talk about the entire cycle of producing the nuclear fuel inside Iran we mean all stages of enrichment need to be conducted in this country relying on technical knowledge of Iranian experts."

IRNA asked, "Has Russia presented any offer in this respect to Tehran so far?" Entezami said, "We have not received any proposal from Moscow yet and as the secretary of Russia's National Security Council, too, has announced in an interview with the press, Moscow has not even prepared a plan for the purpose."

Entezami meanwhile said, "Iran naturally expects all friendly countries to pay due attention to IRI's regional weigh in their pursuing our country's nuclear case firstly, and to heed the Iranian nations' often emphasized demand on the issue, secondly."

The SNSC Spokesman reiterated, "It is quite true that we have proposed international cooperation in our nuclear activities, which is an important sign of our determination to build trust, but that does not mean we are ready also for conducting a part of our enrichment activities abroad."

He added, "Yielding to such a demand, particularly in case of those parts of the nuclear fuel production that are more technical and equire higher precision would in click a choke in the process of our uclear activities that would result on depriving us of mastering the complete technology for good."

Entezami considered several aspects of Iran's diplomatic activities, including "continuing moves aimed at confidence-building, continuous cooperation with the the UN nuclear watchdog, IAEA, and providing transparent information for all interested in the issue, as Iran has done in the past."

The SNSC Spokesman referred to "consultations with member countries of the IAEA Board of Governors and taking broader advantage of the potentials of two UN permanent Security Council member countries, China and Russia, as other objectives of Iran's diplomatic moves."

He meanwhile considered the timely initiative of the SNSC Secretary Ali Larijani in inviting the EU troika to resume negotiations with Iran as "Another aspect of Iran's dynamic diplomacy" on its nuclear projects.

Entezami said, "Iran's policy of reliance on national will for having access to full cycle of nuclear fuel remains unchanged today, and our country has fixed the result of taking first resolute step in that regard, which is resuming work at Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF), as another significant achievement of IRI diplomacy.

The SNSC Spokesman added, "The recent session of the IAEA Board of governors proved that the worries expressed by some politicians are unfounded."

He added, "I remind you of the Western threats before November 24th, when they kept reminding us that if we would not shut down our Isfahan UCF facility again it would be interpreted as a Iran's defiant stand that would definitely result in forwarding our dossier to the UNSC, and that the result would be economic sanctions."

"Even some comments by non-experts, due to lack of proper knowledge on mechanisms applied by international bodies, and miscalculations on US status in the region and on role of US and world public opinion, had come up with the conclusion that our conduct might lead to outbreak of a new war."

Entezami reiterated, "Such analyses proved that unfortunately the opponents of the Iranian nation had achieved some of their objectives, since they were after capturing the minds of political activists, and our people, while such analyses and the worries thus expressed proved they had unfortunately achieved their objective."

The SNSC spokesman emphasized, "The result of the recent IAEA session proves that we can, relying on our rational conduct and elaborating our nation's demands, while respecting the international laws and our commitments and refraining from any type of extremism, achieve our goals in this respect.

Entezami added, "Fortunately relying on such harmonized moves the dead-end of negotiations no longer exists, and the letter sent by EU3 FMs Sunday to IRI SNSC Secretary was an official response to Iran's request for finding a rational solution to this crisis, although we had already gained that response implicitly in agency's November 4 communique and its preceding talks there."

The SNSC Spokesman expressed hope at the end that Iran would in the new round of its negotiations with EU reach a mutual understanding, based on which it would be able to defend its natural right as a member of the IAEA to take advantage of the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, like any other IAEA member.

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