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Recycling program in Shiraz

10/3/05 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

During my recent trip to Shiraz, as I was stepping out of the car that was transporting me from the airport, I noticed a new recycling van, driven by ladies, near the house of our friends. It was colorful, and the ladies were polite and like most Shirazi people! It seems that the Shiraz municipal authorities are far ahead of other cities that I know of in their recycling program.

The municipality has given large plastic containers (in two colors) to all the local households, and they collect the plastic and glass on specific days. Well done! I just wished that they paid the same attention to the preservation of so many other things that need attention and care in this lovely city. When I compare it with Isfahan, I feel that maybe in Shiraz there is less 'ergh mahalli' (sense of local pride): Things in Shiraz are less orderly despite its lovely boulevards.

Just driving to the airport, one can easily see much that needs to be taken care of. I hope the many proud Shirazis who read this can set up a group and just get together and each group take care of something specific to make it real and effective; and maybe the authorities will do it along with them too.

Still Shiraz is a great place - jaye shoma khali (your place was empty = wish you were here!).

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