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The Saudi-U.K. Link

By: Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


War drums are beating faster and louder.   They deliver their cooked up conspiracy in perfect harmony - The British announced that Iran was behind the killing of all 8 British soldiers killed in Iraq this year.[i]  Soldiers who had gone to Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction, are told their mission has changed - they are to impose democracy on a war torn and bewildered nation while getting ready to attack another.  The cacophony of deception is unbearable.


On the same day, it was announced that a trip by Iran's foreign minister to Saudi Arabia was 'put-off' amidst accusations by Riyadh that Iran is meddling in Iraq.[ii]  Odd that the Saudis should point the finger at Iran since according to a reputable US think-tank, the Washington-based Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS), "Algerians are the largest group (20 percent), followed by Syrians (18 percent), Yemenis (17 percent), Sudanese (15 percent), Egyptians (13 percent), Saudis (12 percent) and those from other states (5 percent)." CSIS gathered the information for its study from intelligence sources in the Gulf region.[iii]  


The media, in its effort to demonize Iran and prepare the public for its assault on Iran, and to lend credibility to the British and Saudi stories, omits the deal Riyadh made with London - no public announcements of this grand bargain.  A $47 billion arms deals is cleverly concealed.  There were two stipulations that are worthy of mention.  First, that the Brits would freeze their ongoing investigation into certain royal family members; far more importantly, that they would expel from England, two Moslem Saudi progressive thinkers who were pro-democracy.[iv] According to Dr. Khalen Abou El Fadle, progressive elements in the Moslem West can penetrate in the Moslem world and have an impact.  So while these two progressive thinkers are sacrificed to fill the empty treasury of the British, Saudi Arabia and Britain shake hands and send democracy to the devil.  No doubt they feel delighted that they have accomplished several things.  Saudi can sit on its oppressive dictatorship, and the next generation of terrorists. The British have done their job as a good ally and Iran is once again the villain in Iraq; never mind the Sunni insurgents.


Viva Britannia - you are pricier than India. 


[i] Source: BBC


[ii] Source: AFP


[iii] Christian Science Monitor - September 23, 2005

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