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Hafiz Lovers Pay Tribute to the Legend

10/12/05 Tehran, 12 October (CHN) -- 12th of October is Hafiz Day in Iran, and many ceremonies are held in commemoration of this great Iranian poet in Iran and some other countries throughout the world.

A ceremony was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in commemoration of Hafiz last week, with the cooperation of Cultural attaché of Iran and Middle East University of Tashkent, in which director of Tashkent University, who is an Iranologist as well, cited some lines from Hafiz poems, admiring his world's popularity and explaining how the Uzbeks are familiar with his poems.

The ceremony was attended by many academic figures and experts of Hafiz and Afghanistan ambassador explained about how the Afghans are fond of Hafiz and telling fortunes with him poems.

Last night, about 4000 Hafiz lovers gathered around his tomb in Shiraz, Hafezieh, which was strewn with flowers, while Iranian traditional music was performed in the background and verses from the poet's Diwan were recited.

The ceremony was attended by Hafiz experts from Iran and other countries such as Japan, Tajikistan, India, Mexico, and Uzbekistan. In addition to foreign guests, many Iranian Hafiz experts were also present, coming from different countries around the world to Shiraz to participate in this ceremony.

Hafiz commemoration had a scientific section as well, which is held in Hafiz Hall of Shiraz. In this one day meeting, Hafiz experts will recite Hafiz poems in French, German, Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, and other languages.

In this respect a ceremony will be held in Versailles Palace, organized by the cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran, Iran's Embassy and Cultural Center in Paris. A renowned Iranian traditional singer, Hesam ed-Din Seraj, alongside his group is to sing for the event.

According to Ghaedian, head of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Fars province, commemoration of Hafiz will be held in several other countries such as Germany, Italy, Russia, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America.

In United Arab Emirates, a ceremony will be held in commemoration of the Iranian poet with the cooperation of Emirates poets and writers' center, and the Iranian Association of Hafiz in Emirates. Hafiz is quite well known among Arabs, and his poems have been translated to Arabic.

Hafiz celebration guests, who have been invited to Shiraz by the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Fars province, Center for Fars studies, and Center for Hafiz studies, will stay in Shiraz today, participating in the commemoration ceremonies of the poet and visiting the tomb of Saadi, another great Iranian poet and writer, gardens and museums of Shiraz, and the historical site of Persepolis.

Khajeh Sahmseddin Mohammad Hafiz Shirizi, was born in Shiraz, South centre of Iran, and spent all his life over there. The date of his birth was something between the years of 1310-1325 AD, and he died at the age of 69 in Shiraz. His tomb is in Mussala Gardens, along the banks of Ruknabad in Shiraz, being known as Hafezieh.

Hafiz or Hafez was a title given to the poet for his knowing the Koran, Muslim's holy book, by heart.

Hafiz married in his twenties, even though he continued his love for Shakh-e-Nabat, as the manifest symbol of her creator's beauty.

There are some 500 Ghazals, 42 Rubaiyees, and a few Ghassedeh's remaining as his legacy, composed over a period of 50 years. Hafiz only composed when he was divinely inspired, his focus was to write poetry worthy of the Beloved.

Hafiz Day Celebration in Pictures

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