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A short visit to Persepolis, Shiraz

10/13/05 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Recently with my friend we went for a short trip to fabulous Shiraz, the city of love and poetry. We had set out to see a few places in the short time that we had. Persepolis -Takhte-Jamshid was for sure one of the sites that we were desperate to see,

Neither of us had been there before, a fact that we were quite ashamed of! The first thing we did after getting settled at my friend's flat was to call a taxi to take us there. Well what I can say, now we have seen it! It was a pretty hot afternoon when we went there and it took all my energy walking up to the top. I must be getting older than I thought.

Most of you I am sure will know that Persepolis is about 125,000 square meters built in 512 BC by order of Dariush on the slopes of Mount Rahmat; but its building took a long time, some 180 years. Yet in 331 BC it was set on fire and savagely destroyed by Eskandar (Alexander the Great). What we see today is just a glimpse of the glory of this wonderful place which is for sure worth a visit.

Here I have a few pictures to share with you here. jay shoam khali (your place was empty = wish you were there).

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