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Discrimination Of the so-called sexual type

By Roya Monajem, Tehran


There was this news in one of the newspapers of the capital on one of these days that the Ministry of Guidance of Islamic Republic of Iran has announced that women employee should not stay at work after 6pm, so that they would go home early and be present in and for their families.


In fact, this is the best that I can say from what I remember of what my mother who had read the given news told me. How is it that even though later at that very night -seeing my mother reading the same newspaper at bed - I asked her to actually read that news for me, I have nevertheless forgotten the exact sentences of such an important news - important of course from the view of a contemporary human being of the feminine sex who does not understand this kind of sexual discriminations and naturally gets deeply concerned whenever she hears such news, no matter coming from which part of the world.


But, using an Osho-ian expression: "What to do?"


If Ouspensky - one of the most famous pupils of Gurdjieff, and a scientist journalist "disappointed in his scientific outlook" using his own words stated in his canon In Search of Miraculous (which is his understanding of Gurdjieff's teachings) - Yes, if Ouspensky was to answer this "What to do?", he would most probably reply: "Haven't you still realized that 'we can't do much even in and with our own personal life, let alone in and with something outside ourselves?!"


O.K I admit that as an ordinary human being of the female sex, I can't do anything in regard to this new regulation of Islamic Republic of Iran that women should stop working outside after 6pm. I can't do anything, but surely I can have and feel some emotions in this regard, can't I?


The first emotion I automatically experienced, and now many of you are perhaps beginning to feel on hearing this news can be described as 'anger followed by frustration, rebellion, intense disappointment, despair and...'


In my case, when I became aware of feeling this unconscious, automatic flow of negative, and thus unhealthy emotions I immediately started to do my best to stop the further flow of this kind of negative emotions that get nobody anywhere except perhaps to some kind of either physical or mental hospital. In other words, I tried to stop torturing myself further and instead strive to find some sunny side for it, no matter how difficult it appeared.


Before telling you the result of the above hard attempt to stop the flow of those negative harmful emotions on hearing that news, I should confess that even the thought of any misunderstanding from the part of those who are reading these lines, makes my whole being tremble with the emotion of fear. Fear of being categorized, classified under this or that 'group' or this or that 'ideology' which from my point of view is like being accused of trying to stay 'objective' and 'impartial.' Fear of the usual automatic human prejudiced reaction and approach, which is the prejudice of a believer and particularly a superficial or a fake believer. For to believe in something, in-itself can be quite liberating and thus healthy and positive. Jesus Christ said that any true believer can resurrect the dead and move mountains, referring - in my understanding of the above statement - just to how powerful faith can be and thus how 'healing' it can be.


And it is exactly with the intension of healing the long standing wounds of both our femininity and humanity that I need to stop this usual, yet unhealthy automatic flow of negative emotions when I hear about any kind of unfair discrimination from racial to sexual types anywhere in our world.


Overcoming the above emotion of fear after this confession, I can now move on to tell you how I managed to deal with the above distressing news and the danger of getting trapped into the above-mentioned vicious circle of negative, harmful, unhealthy emotions. In the process of striving to find some sunny side for enforced early presence of women at home, an old Persian proverb came to my help. That old Persian proverb is: "Blow into the warm fire of the family."


Adapted to our present living conditions throughout the world, the above proverb can indeed be changed into: "Blow into the extinguishing fire of family."


And we can expand this even further and say: "Blow into the extinguishing fire of compassion or mehr as the Persians would say, which is also another Persian name for our sun whose warm light keeps blowing into the trembling fire of life on this beautiful blue planet of ours to sustain its seemingly absurd life.


Serendipity! I just heard that the above news have been renounced by the authorities. Believe me I had no intention in spreading rumors, if you still do not believe me, refer to these days newspapers. In any case, this is a common practice in politics, is it not? To say something today and deny it the next day?


In any case, we can be happy that there is not going to be any new sexual discriminative regulations and thus no additional negative unhealthy emotions and ...


... Payvand News - 10/17/05 ... --

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