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Architects say wind towers can be applied in modern architecture in Iran


Brussels, Oct 22, IRNA-An architect couple is working on a project on the use of wind towers in contemporary architecture in Iran. Paris-based architects Herve Richard from France and his Iranian wife Shiva Tolouie went to Yazd, central Iran, to study wind towers for five years.

''We were very fascinated by the city and the wind towers. We think it is possible nowadays to use wind towers in contemporary architecture,'' Richard told IRNA Saturday in an interview in Brussels where they are displaying their model in an exhibition.

Yazd has the biggest wind towers all over the world, Richard noted.

The young architect couple are now looking for financial assistance to realize their project in Iran.

Wind towers and wind scoops have been in use since the 14th century. They utilize the power of the wind to provide ventilation in the hot and arid climate of the desert. The system has been widely used throughout the Middle East.

Currently facing competition from commercial air conditioners, these efficient devices deserve to be studied not only as a bio-climatic solution but much more comprehensively in the context of landscape, form, use, construction, maintenance, utility and heritage, according to the organizers of the exhibition.

The exhibition "Alter Architecture here, there and differently'' envisages a different way of conceiving the built environment, one that takes into account the constraints linked to modern society as well as the need to protect the environment and the characteristics of the site in which it develops.

The exhibition, inaugurated Saturday and will run till 26 March 2006, is organized by the Belgian Foundation of Architecture on the occasion of the awarding of the Philippe Rothier European Prize for Architecture.

Phillipe Rotthier, born in Brussels in 1941, dedicated himself to the study of peasant architecture. He became a specialist in archaic housing with the knowledge and maturity of building houses that relate to a thousand-year-old-tradition.

Iran's Ambassador to Belgium, Dr. Ali Ahani, was present at the inaugural ceremony.

The exhibition offers a collection of pictures gathered together by experts in Europe, China, Asia, North and South America, Africa.

It explores the various themes in the form of photographic reproductions, plans, models, objects, materials and constructions erected in the exhibition hall itself.

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