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Masculine Psychology


By Roya Monajem, Tehran

Unlike women, masculine sexuality is determined by two unlike chromosomes, X and Y, coming from 'their' mothers and fathers respectively. The Y chromosome carries the necessary information for development of male characteristics. Male characteristics on the psychological level develop as the result of their primary duties granted to them by nature. And what are these roles: Impregnation of females, protection of the territory and bread-earning. Their greater physical strength is what helps them most in fulfilling their duties. Higher physical strength is tied with higher ability to show aggression which provokes fear in the rival which derives the latter to either fight or fly.

They receive their X chromosomes from their mothers which from one point of view balances the Y chromosomes. They can more easily achieve Wholeness. They are not like women who because of possessing two similar chromosomes and on the basis of like poles repel each other, from this very perspective, have a 'divided self.' Having two similar chromosomes implies that depending on the scope of psychological differences between the two grandmothers they inherit their genes from, and also on the 'accidental' genetic cross-overs that may happen after their conception in their mothers' wombs, women may show a whole spectrum of personalities from what is called schizophrenic in psychology to a whole unified being that depending on the nature of qualities that their two similar genes carry, they can be extremely passive or active, docile or domineering. But let's leave women alone and go back to men.

For years -  particularly when due to certain personal (meaning individual? fateful?, predestined? genetic? environmental? existential?) reasons, I surpassed (translated into emotional language, after years of regurgitation, vomited) feminism and communism, and by now luckily all other 'isms'- I had been wondering why was it necessary for masculine world-view to become dominant on Earth?

To answer this question, let us go back to the times when - as much as our extant histograhical - pictorial records can testify - "patriarchy' had not yet become the dominant force determining 'the fate of human species on the planet earth,' and see what possible biological, genetic natural need led to this 'accidental?' 'fateful?' 'predestined?' 'foreseen'? growth, development and finally domination of masculine worldview.

Human beings, because of having the most 'dependent' offspring, need the participation of both sexes to insure the survival of the next generation. Females (as the physically weakest species on earth) needed males not only for their own protection and impregnation, but to help them in feeding and protecting their offspring. This is the will of nature, which of course it does not mean that many 'abnormal' cases such as hermaphrodites could not appear as well. We just leave exceptions alone and deal with the norm, or what has been the norm until this stage of human history, which is in a way the complete collapse and at the same time re-evaluation of all values in all domains of human life. Incidentally, let us not forget these are masculine values as will be shown below.

The question was why human evolution? existence? survival? needed masculine world-view to become dominant?

As stated above in the first natural division of labor among human beings, males' fundamental duty was to protect and help females in feeding and insuring the survival of the next generation, at least when they managed to win a female and impregnate her.

Thus, if the most basic insecurity of females has been to be raped and left unprotected and alone with an unwanted child, the most basic insecurity of males used to be 'failure in winning any females.' It must have been very hard on those primitive men who did not succeed to attract any females and were left alone particularly during the heat season, even more so than today as there was not any whore- or in Islamic terminology 'chastity' - houses around yet. The fact that this can rightfully be the greatest fear and insecurity of the male species reveals why even modern men have this inborn tendency to go through a lot of troubles to have as many girlfriends as possible and find it difficult to stay 'faithful!' Why polygamy has historically been their exclusive right, even though most probably such state of affairs first happened 'naturally' when the number of females far-exceeded the males which could endanger human survival. In such cases, as rare as they could happen naturally, but common during wars, it was as though all the sperms of the few males around were needed to insure conception of the next generation and thus survival of the species.

The task of both protection and bread-earning which at that time meant fishing and hunting, at the same time gave men lots of free time (particularly after the Heat season). In this free time, surely they gradually started to try different appropriate objects for accomplishment of their duties. Those natural objects that proved to be more efficient here could then be used as models. This stimulated the growth and development of creative mental faculty. In this way a mutual stimulating relationship was established between the derive for tool-making and development of mental faculties. Females needed tools too and they did for sure use their minds to create their necessary tools, but while as it appears there is no end to development of masculine tools of production, feminine 'tools of production,' as we still can see, once created appeared so efficient, that women no longer needed to use their minds in the same sense and direction. Need is the mother or father of creation, but creativity needs another indispensable element which is free time. So in addition to the fact that feminine tools needed no further development, they lacked the other vital element of creativity, i.e. free time due to first of all the high dependency and vulnerability of human newborn and secondly because of the high time-consuming household chores.

In short, the main two duties or responsibilities that nature demanded from men, i.e. protection and bread-earning, intensified by the instinctual derive for the survival of self and species, compelled males to develop more efficient tools that in turn stimulated the growth and development of masculine mental power which automatically compensated for their comparatively weaker survival power.

On the other hand having two different chromosomes, (physically meaning having both the positive and negative poles, or active and passive principles), granted males the ability to act more single-mindedly. Compared to women they suffered less inner contradictions, conflicts, disharmony and disputes.

In fact, it is even possible to say that Mind is the child of the 'marriage' of male and female principles inside males. It is natural actualization of Tantra Yoga. Women lack this capacity. Even when their two X chromosomes are very similar and as the result they can enjoy inner peace and harmony, the two basically different roles of womanhood and motherhood creates inner conflict and struggle in them. Take the most innocent and benign situation when it is springtime and the air is filled with all sorts of enchanting fragrances of wild violets, chamomiles, marjoram which make her soul long to run outdoors and join Nature in celebration, but there are small children who could die if left alone. In such cases motherhood nearly always win because the instinct for survival of the species is stronger than that of the survival of the individual self. It is not due to any conscious feminine will that they appear more 'sacrificial and devoting' than males. That is why it is not very difficult to see and understand why women surrendered to their 'fatal destiny,' for so long, particularly since the domination of masculine world view. Their biological weaker constitution, the role of motherhood and man-made 'morality' made them utterly dependent on males.

But why did men continued to carry out the same biologically dictated destiny? Although the development of the mental faculty in males solved one of the greatest problems that human species was facing as the most vulnerable species, yet at the same time, it could turn to its opposite and lead to rebel of these males who could in their free time -particularly when the heat season was over - truly wonder why the hell they should care about those females with their nagging children? Except, the instinct of survival of the species which is relatively much weaker in males, what other force was there that compelled them to continue supporting and providing for women? After all, the only time they really needed women was during the heat season when they simultaneously fulfilled their primary duty or responsibility of 'impregnating' women. What did make them to stick with females for the rest of the year? By the development of mind, the old problem of survival of human species as the weakest creature on the earth was overcome, but another problem arose: now these 'logical reasonable' males who now thought of themselves as the 'crown of creation' could very well 'send those females' - particularly now that they were taken as 'the cause of their expulsion from Heaven' - to Hell.

Long Live our Wise Mother Nature. With a little manipulation of human sexual function, 'the heat season' is turned to a non-ending season! This is another chief difference between humans and other animals, is it not? Now men needed females throughout the year and not just during the limited so-called Heat season. And the rest of the story can be read in history books, but don't forget that these records essentially describe solely masculine world view and attitude toward the self and the world.

And what are the characteristic features of such a view?

To answer this question we take the principle "We understand only what we can experience inside" as the reference point which is the psychological interpretation of the second Hermetic principle "As above, so below."

'Below' is two different chromosomes, X and Y called 'man,' meaning 'thought' 'mind' (if we take old Persian meaning for the word 'man'). From this entity called man is derived the first Hermetic principle "All is Mind."

'Above' is a divided mind that regards 'polarity' (the fifth Hermetic Principle) as the basic principle of creation. Let us examine this fifth principle (out of a total of seven) more closely and comment on it. It says:

"Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites;"

- as masculine 'genetic constitution' shows. Nevertheless, it is experienced by both men and women, but in different ways (see above).

"like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet;"

 - simply because both arise from One;

"all truths are but half-truths;

- accordingly the first Hermetic principle "The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental" is just half-truth. The whole truth can be "The All is Matter - Mind" as all that "Exists" has matter too as one of its constituent elements. This shows how masculine mind functions and takes everything as it 'conceives' it to be. This in itself is a proof for Hermetic seventh principle: "Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes," - even when truths are described.

"all paradoxes may be reconciled"

- as feminine constitution can show. From one perspective it is a paradox how two 'like' chromosomes, two 'like poles' can co-exist in the same phenomenon. The motherhood is probably the reconciling force here. In case of males, Mind may be regarded as the reconciling force in males, if we take their different chromosomes as opposites.

And it is by virtue of emotions that men and women can equally experience the truth in the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm: "Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates."

Hopefully, the recent 'rise' of femininity will compensate and balance the up to now dominant masculine force which despite its numerous virtues has led the terrestrial existence to a dangerous threshold because of its now mortally developed tools of war, i.e. nuclear armaments.

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