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By Mali Mostoufi – New York, 9/14/2005


I am writing this with a heavy heart: For the past three or four years I have come to this very unfortunate conclusion that perhaps there is no other way for the Iranian nation to save their own lives, the lives of their future generations and their country but the path of a very long and bloody revolution.


The vultures will not so easily take their bloody claws from the throats of people that the wishful thinking, reformist minded persons, inside and outside the country, hope and aspire to. The wishful reformers of all ideological streaks are only fooling themselves that ‘by peaceful means’, reforms can be brought to the fore and then the vultures shall leave, go away, and the people will be free to achieve their freedom, democracy and prosperity.


After centuries taking refuge in every types of mysticism and saying to themselves: “What has just passed ‘God willing, was only a cat’, therefore let us continue to sleep and dream our mystic dreams…” – none dare to call it – but it is purely treason to fool the masses of Iranian nation further by the means and devices of the past and the present illusions.


In the past century even when educated individuals and groups who discovered and learned about the untested Marxist Ideology and became extremely mesmerized by it, they turned Marxism into various branches of cults as another type of “Oriental Religion” in Iran. Many of their best and bravest willingly lost their lives without knowing and understanding the roots and the depth of Oriental Despotism in the collective unconscious of those masses. The crude dogmatic Marxism was applied to the East as it was to the West. And the cure was ‘a revolution’ that should bring about “The Dictatorship of Proletarians!” When you would indicate to some worshipers that, there is no such a thing as a “benevolent dictator or dictatorship” that will NOT end up to massacre millions of the same “Proletarians”, they would immediately react with their “intellectual anger” and accuse you of being a petty bourgeois who cannot understand the true concept of “The Sacred Proletarian Dictatorship.” No Fascism of Hitler or Stalin taught them anything. In Iran they even full heartedly supported the vultures who brought not only the worst kind of Fascism, which is Religious Fascism, upon people and the land, but also to the Middle East and beyond. Now the Western and American Powers are willing to compromise with ‘them’ because ‘naturally’ the Westerners and Americans care about their own “interests” ONLY.


There is no genuine and powerful leadership among the reform minded groups inside and outside of Iran.


Outside, the turncoat cults such as MEKs who added further terror and killing the Iranian people inside the land with the help of the military might of Saddam Hussein from inside Iraq, today with the picture of their darling idols, Maryam and Massoud in their hands, are shouting “Freedom and Democracy” for Iranian people. And where?… Near the United Nations in New York and are begging to be removed from the State Department’s Terrorist List. The American individuals in the most far right, who make their speeches in support of this terrorist cult, flirt also  with other power hungry groups such as the supporters of Reza Pahlavi, near there.


To these far rightist Americans it even does not matter that the MEKs killed some Americans prior to the revolution and were proud of it, or took American diplomats as hostages until the clergy leader made certain not to share “the piece of the pie” with them. Also, a tiny pathetic group, calling themselves, “workers-communist party of Iran” with their hot red banners, sitting or standing, is waiting for the Iranian proletarians to hear or see their banners and slogans. And one or two other tinier groups are here too, in this ‘important’ day of Wednesday, September 14, near the UN.


The irony is that we, who live in New York have experienced the tragedy of September 11, 2001 terrorism, today are unwillingly hosting the MEKs. Where are you taking us the leaders of America?!….


And, with this heavy heart in my chest, I see the future of my compatriots in a very long and bloody revolution. May I never live to experience it. May my soul not be called even “after all the bombs had been dropped…” – as Sohrab Sepehri wished. I am no revolutionary, and I have no tolerance left in my heart.


But still and before I die, I go on to hope and wish that Iranians to rise up from more than fourteen hundred years illusions and face up to the roots and causes that brought, in each era, vultures upon them.


Otherwise in every shape, form and / or clothes that they come, throughout the history of human beings, they have been and will be (under their various masks) vultures, and always hungry….


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