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Iranian nuclear official urges IAEA, UNSC to take logical actions


Tehran, April 14, IRNA-Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani on Thursday called on the UN nuclear watchdog and the UN Security Council to take logical actions with regards to Iran's nuclear case.

"Any action taken by the International Atomic Energy Agency or the UN Security Council should fall within a logical framework so that a a suitable solution (to Iran's nuclear case) could be found," said Larijani in a short interview with reporters after meeting with the IAEA Chief Mohammed ElBaradei.

Larijani said Tehran has thus far had constructive cooperation with the IAEA and the Agency inspectors have inspected all sites they wished to without any problem.

He said settlement of the issue and presentation of a solution by the IAEA and other professional institutions should follow a logical and correct course so that a suitable solution could be reached.

Asked on the nature of his talks with the IAEA chief on Thursday, Larijani said the cooperation and investigation process were among the points discussed by the two sides.

He said, "Iran has thus far acted transparently; we will continue our cooperation with the Agency too and are ready to discuss and solve the remaining issues as favored by the Agency."

Asked whether suspension of Iran's nuclear activities was raised in talks with ElBaradei as the main precondition for continuation of negotiations, Larijani said, "Any action should be logical; at a time when we have constructive cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Agency's cameras are constantly monitoring our nuclear centers, such proposals cannot be important for settlement of the case."

To a question on the IAEA chief's stance against Iran's nuclear activities, Larijani said, "ElBaradei cannot raise his personal view; the Agency envoys are busy taking samples and investigating our activities to present their views."

He went on to say that ElBaradei had said he would try to have Iran's considerations taken into view.

"The final winner (in the nuclear case) is the Iranian nation," said Larijani when asked to say who will be the eventual winner in the nuclear case.

ElBaradei admits transparency of Iranian program, calls for resolving remaining issues

Tehran, April 13, IRNA-Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei said on Thursday that Iran has proved its nuclear program is transparent and his visit to Tehran aims to resolve the outstanding issues between Iran and the agency.

Asked by IRNA English desk reporter whether there was political reason behind the delay in verifying the civilian nature of Iranian nuclear program, he said Iran has proved transparency of its program and "I've come to Tehran to discuss with Iranian officials to resolve the remaining issues in the way of verifying Iranian nuclear program."

Elaborating on the outstanding issues, he said that Iran needs to continue confidence-building for a specific period and "I conveyed the request of the international community to Iran to suspend enrichment for a specific period."

ElBaradei said that Iran would clarify its decision within two weeks ahead of my report to the UN Security Council.

Asked why despite three years of intensive examination of Iranian nuclear sites, the UN nuclear agency did not verify the civilian nature of Iranian nuclear program, he said, "We have done our inspection works. No diversion has been found and Iran has the right to enjoy nuclear energy."

"But, What I'm insisting is that Iran should not deal with the matter emotionally. The request is that Iran suspend uranium enrichment for a specific period for confidence-building with the international community."

"I hope we will have good cooperation in future with Iran if Iran helps resolve the remaining issues on the table," ElBaradei said.

Asked whether the IAEA was not weakened by reporting Iran to the UN Security Council, he said the agency is just like a member state of the international community and the Security Council relegated the remaining issues to be settled by the agency itself.

"I'm pleased with Iran's readiness to hold dialogue to resolve them." 1416/1664

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