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Iran and the West

By Shahriar Mossaded, New Jersey


The presidency of Mr. Ahmadinejad has managed to place Iran in the crossroads of a major decision: should Iran continue to defy the west, or should it cave in and work with the International community? In the face of continued defiance, Iran will experience major sanctions in trade which can affect its GNP in unexpected and adverse ways. The worst case scenario is that the west will go into military action against Iran, which we all know is not to Iran's advantage. We had enough trouble fighting the small country of Iraq for many years, causing in major loss of life and damage to our economy. How can we presume to withstand a war waged by American and European allies. Such a war will no doubt have a crushing effect on Iran and the region as a whole, although it may not immediately lead to regime change. America has already braced itself for an attack on Iran, which will start with conventional and nuclear (bunker buster) attacks on Iran's nuclear sites. Although the facilities in Iran are believed to have been built deep underground and recently reinforced, Iran will not be able to retaliate in an effective manner.


Recently Iran has stepped up its support for the terrorist Hamas organization, pledging economic and possibly military support. This will have an additive effect to isolate Iran further and give our homeland a negative image in the world. If Hamas understood the basics of democracy, it would not choose to kill innocent people in order to advance its agenda. Although it is believed to have come to power democratically, the west is fully justified in cutting off economic support to Palestine. Iran's action has given courage to terrorists who most recently sent another suicide bomber into Israel to create bloodshed and mayhem. I am personally ashamed of Iran's foreign policy and feel that the government of Ahmadinejad has betrayed us. Iran's internal policy is no more refreshing, and the oppression and rule of terror still continues. Poverty and corruption are rampant, and signs of curbed freedoms of press are more evident than ever.


Denials of the major world disaster known as Holocaust that befell the Jewish people is another slap in the face of logical and rationalistic thinking. The Holocaust was not some obscure event that could be obliterated from history through the work of a handful of paid scholars. The descriptions of the horrible crime committed by Hitler's Germany and given support by Islamic extremists of the time is quite vivid and documented in history. First-hand accounts, memoirs, books, films and pictures support and document the actual sites of concentration camps and incineration facilities used to demolish the Jewish community.


The plight of Palestinian people today is an unfortunate fact, but by bringing Hamas to power they have shown that condoning terrorism is laid deep in their cultural roots. This will place the world in a difficult position, as the International community cannot tolerate fundamentalist regimes whose doctrine allows and upholds terrorism as a solution, and calls for the destruction of Israel. If it weren't for Iran's undue support at this juncture, the Hamas organization would be forced to yield sooner or later and allow for a positive political current to take over.


I believe Iranians more than ever should take a position on these major issues. It is not honorable to stay indifferent and to allow our nation to be highjacked by dubious and unsavory agendas. If we have the love of Iran in our hearts, we should not and cannot remain silent, and our sense of humanity should lead us in opposing terrorism in all its ugly shapes and forms. If terrorism is not uprooted today, sooner or later it will reach our safe havens in which we reside today. Iran should remain strong and independent during these pressing times, but being strong does not translate into intransigence and defiance against logic.



About the author: Shahriar Mossaded is a concerned independent thinker who lives in New Jersey and works for a major Financial company.

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