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Iranian-Americans join protest rally in San Jose during Bush visit


By Ali Moayedian



On Thursday I saw a press release issued by Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats (BAIAD) about a rally organized on Friday April 21st in front of Cisco campus in San Jose to greet the visiting President Bush.  It was a short notice. But regardless I decided to take advantage of this rare opportunity and be heard by my president. Around 1pm I headed toward Tasman Drive in San Jose. But I eventually hit a police roadblock. So I found a parking spot in a corner street and decided to walk instead. But then again walking through the roadblock wasn’t an option either! It was about this time that I met a couple of friends who were also trying to find a path to the rally and for that matter to democracy! So we all piled into one car and started driving around looking for a loophole J And before long we found the place, that is after we walked for about a mile or so



To out surprise, upon arrival, we were greeted by no other than Condi, Rummy, Cheney, and of course President Bush himself J And that made the trip worthwhile of course.



There were of course a few hundred policemen all around protecting the protestors from their president and allowing them to do this exercise in democracy safely and securely J  I hear a watered-down version of this flavor American democracy is targeted for export to the rest of the world!



We then joined the rally of about 500 protestors (based on the estimates from the media).  There were both Americans and Iranian-Americans in the crowd. Most of the protest was centered on the war in Iraq and the threats of war against Iran. However, immigration was also in the picture.



Overall, this was a very peaceful, colorful, loud and fun rally. In fact it was so fun that the police cameraman was tempted to shoot the event and the faces responsible for it J



I let the pictures included here tell the rest of the story. But I will just state that the Iranian-Americans for their part were speaking against US attacking Iran and were instead demanding diplomacy and dialogue with Tehran.













As much as this rally was fun, I’m fully aware that if US was ever to attack Iran we’ll all have a lot of crying to do. I for one dread that day and hope to never see it. That is why we need to be heard today. Our anti-war efforts do matter and do make a difference. We can collectively take a stand now and try to steer our adopted country away from a clash with our home country Iran. We know this is a war that is neither good for Iran nor for US and it spells disaster for the whole world. We owe it to ourselves, to Iranians and to Americans to take a strong stand on this. Hope to see you all in the next rally!



Notice: Permission is hereby granted to media for publishing the photos included above, as long as the source is stated as Hi resolution images are available upon request.  Unfortunately this offer cannot be extended to law enforcement and intelligence agencies. They should instead contact the police cameraman pictured above J


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