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Iran's Brain Drain: 200,000 graduates trying to go abroad


Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Prov, April 23 -- Statistics indicate that 200,000 Iranian graduates try to leave the country annually, an official told IRNA. Alireza Haqiqi, official in charge of Iranian Expatriates Knowledge and Innovation Network, added some of the graduates choose other countries for their scientific activities.

Addressing a gathering of Iranian physicians residing in the United States, Haqiqi said nearly three million Iranians (five percent of population) are living abroad.

"An estimated 1.2 Iranian expatriates are now living in the US," he said, adding US-based Iranian expatriates have the highest income and rank second in terms of educational level among immigrants from other countries.

Haqiqi stated that nearly 30 percent of Iranian immigrants are presently working in managerial posts while 20 percent have technical jobs.

Referring to the World Bank classification of countries, he said Iran has been classified in the third group of states making use f the achievements of other countries.

"Countries that are pioneers in the field of technology and innovation fall in the first group while those enjoying potential for development are placed in the second group," he said.

He said educated people will not leave the country if provided with opportunities to offer their capabilities.

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